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    Rippers Strategic Missions requires dealing cards for mini-game

    I'm trying to do a mini-game called Strategic Missions where I deal cards to players (which the GM is not supposed to be able to see), and deal cards to the GM (which the players aren't supposed to see) for a mini-game per the rules of Rippers and Rippers Companion.

    I figured out how to deal cards to a player, and can cover the dealt card with my hand so I don't see what is dealt, then close the window. Is there a better way to assign cards to a player so I don't have to do that?

    I was completely unable to figure out how to deal cards to the GM.

    How do I do this? Does anyone have any suggestions for this mini-game?

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    Sounds like you the need the table from Deadlands Extension, I am not sure if there is an Extension that covers only that or not.
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    Thanks for the idea. I bought the Deadlands Bundle during the recent sale. I found the game table in the Deadlands Setting extension, which is the one I assume you're talking about.

    I can't figure out how to pull a player to the table, nor how to assign a hand to the GM (or just view one of the hands with the GM without showing all hands). It looks to be a step in the right direction, except for the whole extension being the Deadlands Setting extension and likely conflict with Rippers Resurrected setting extension. I'm in FGU, so this card table extension may simply just not be working, too.

    The Rippers Lodge Strategic Mission mini-game has players receive a certain number of cards, get some optional bonus cards; same for GM. The base number of cards dictates the number of scenes. Players collectively choose one card to play, and GM chooses one card to play. Highest card value wins the scene. Different things (good or bad) happen based on suits played and # of scenes won by players.

    Maybe it's enough for me to go on to dig in and overhaul the game to not be poker and be more of a simple "hand" where the party can play the card they want to play. I also bought classic in the recent sale so I could make an extension just for the Ripper mini game, but I'm more inclined to "deal" cards by showing them to the players in a webcam, and play that way than I am to write an extension to do the mini-game. I haven't written any lua in a number of years (with the exception of working around the SW problems causing script crashes in FGU recently due to nil references in weapons, powers, etc.) and have no idea what the FG / SW api looks like.

    I'm hoping there's another solution, and that someone that ran Rippers in FG can share how they did it.

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    I seem to recall we had a web cam, the GM would deal physical cards and place our cards in front of the web cam.
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    Using my web cam is preferable to brushing up on my Lua and learning another API At least I have the card table extension as an starting sample if I want to go that route.

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