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Thread: High Crit

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    High Crit

    (High Crit) is working in a general way. If High Crit is added as a property to a weapon it will roll one additional die on a Crit roll. Cool! But it seems this command can not be modified.

    A dragon slayer weapon gives +2d8 on a crit or +2d12 if against a dragon. For now I made a power with a 1d8 damage and a 2d12 damage and have the player click on it. The problem is that gives extra 1d8 damage to dragons. I have to remove the High Crit so that wont happen. Any other suggestions?

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    When I had weapons with different damage against different creatures, I created two weapon entries, and I just used the correct one for the situation. (i.e. when fighting a dragon)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    When I had weapons with different damage against different creatures, I created two weapon entries, and I just used the correct one for the situation. (i.e. when fighting a dragon)

    Good idea, but how did you change the High Crit damage? Now it only rolls +1(W) when High Crit is added to Properties.

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    To be honest, I haven't looked at the 4E system since 2012, so I don't really remember. I think I just took off the high crit maybe, and increased the crit dice directly?


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    Hehe, yeah I figured that would be the case. I have a workaround for it. I thought there might be a way to modify the High Crit command. I'll check and see if an Extension is possible and if I am able I'll create it :-)

    Thanks for the info!

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    I don't seem to understand what the problem is. (Apart from your picture showing slashing dmg, wich doesn't exist in 4e)

    A high crit weapon deals 1[W] extra dmg on a crit (per tier).
    In addition to that the enchantment gives you +2d8 on a crit (+2d12 instead vs dragons)

    The high crit property has nothing to do with the enchantment, it should always be the 1d8 extra.
    So on a crit the weapn should deal maxed damage +3d8 vs non-dragons and it should deal maxed damage + 1d8+2d12 vs dragons.

    The way I do that in FG, is like Moon Wizard described: Make two weapons. Add the High Crit property on both but not all the "Crit: +2d8 damage, or +2d12 against dragons" text. Instead just drag and drop two d8 into the CRT field to the right on one weapon and drag and drop two d12 into the CRT field on the other weapon. Then just set the number of the weapon with the +2d8 as the main weapon on the powers tab and change that to the other weapon number whenever you fight a dragon.

    Hope this was helpful,
    To err is human.
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    The problem is that I didn't know about the extra dice you can put in the crit area.

    Once that was made clear to me it all made sense. Guess I should have wrote something here to correct that mistake.

    The "slashing" dmg exists in my version of 4e as an extension ;-)

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    Switching the weapon back and forth all the time can be a bit bothersome though, especially when in a fight against dragons AND non-dragons.

    Here's an idea that you could do, so you don't have to bother with switching weapons:

    Similar to giving the damage a type that doesn't exist in 4e like slashing, you can also just invent a type for that critical damage.
    A d8 is in average 4.5 dmg and a d12 is on average 6.5 dmg, so the critical hit on a dragon with 2d12 instead of 2d8 would be 4 dmg higher on average. You can use this to boost the dmg vs dragons.

    Drop down the weapon details in the combat tab and below the CRT field type in the new dmg type, let's say dragonslayer. Then put an effect on the dragons (before the game) that says

    VULN: 4 dragonslayer

    Now you can always keep the weapon with the 2d8 crit dmg, if any other enemy is crit, it's gonna deal 3d8 crit dmg, and vs the dragon as well, but they take 4 extra damage automatically (which would represent the d12s instead of the d8s). It's not exactly the d12 rolls, they'd have a lower minimum and a higher maximum dmg, but it saves your player from having to switch the weapon every other turn.

    Again, hope this helps and have fun playing!

    To err is human.
    To arrrr is pirate.

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    Hi Llyle,

    Thanks for that idea. I'll add "dragonslayer" to my damage type extension and follow your instructions. Keeping it simple for the players is the way to go :-)

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    So here is what I did that is working well:

    Added the new damage type to my damage type extension "dragonslayer"

    Added dragonslayer to the crit damage type

    Then added "Vulnerable 5 dragonslayer" to the monster stat block

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