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    Current State of FGU (is it "save" to migrate over?)


    So we have been using FG since 2014...until one day my (GM) ISP removed ipv4 which was a horrible experience. Then we learned to use Hamachi to get by and on and off our sessions had to be delayed by hours
    because for one or the other user it wasnt working anymore (I dont find tracking Hamachi issues all that easy to be honest and some of us know little about PCs stuff in the first place). So today we are due another session and once more, its not working anymore without any errors or such - quite frankly, we are all very tired of this. We only play every few months due to difficult scheduling of a large group so when these issues happen, its not like "oh, lets play next week"...its more like "lets all check family and work and come up with possible days in 3 weeks+ from now...provided we can even fix the issue by then)

    That was my little rant about our situation but thats irrelevant to my question really, sorry I do think that FGU would not have these issues and we could once and for all get rid of Hamachi (?).
    However, are there any major issues I should be aware of before we start using it? (I dont mind "some" lagginess or such things)

    Also as a minor point, I reported some months back that LOS would not recalculate on player side while you would expand maps during play (you add a LOS active map to the current battle, LOS on that map wouldnt work at all) - is that fixed? (since there is no LOS in FG classic, that wouldnt stop us from migrating of course)

    Thanks alot
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    Its mixed. Some tables are finding performance or stability or networking issues still but many, many tables are working very well.

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    Personally, I am not going to upgrade to FGU until I see an official release.....I am enjoying using FGC which has no issues ever....would be frustrating if I got impatient and upgraded prematurely...

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    Yes it mixed. My personal experiance: 3 weeks ago i had given you a 'wait ' Signal, but now, to my tables the issue 'Player can't connect' is 95% solved, Player dropping 90%, Performance is now on a very usable status.
    Every Update from SmiteWorks brought a remarkable step forward and these updates come very often.

    Remember: its still at Beta Phase, but i would say: go, give it a try.
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    I just had my first negative experience with FGC. It ended up being an extension that I added. I did not load it and everything worked great like usual and the players had a blast. I got Smitework's 2 new players who will be downloading FGC Demo so they can continue to play with the group. Personally, I am sold on FGC as it has been very smooth 99% of the time....I do like FGU but will wait till they get it all figured out so I can keep playing!

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    We've had many sessions, all about 5 hours each for Society and AP play. The only problem we've had is when LOS is on (unfortunate, since that's one of the selling points of FGU, but it is still beta). No other dropouts or other problems. FWIW, if you're having that much trouble with FGC, give FGU a whirl. Take a practice session (you've got nothing to lose) and see how everyone fairs during a session. Hopefully everything will work out.

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    LoL, not yet.....been monitoring the posts and seems like there are still some issues with this beta test. I am happy with FGC and I know that any of the sourcebooks, modules, etc., in FGC can be upgraded to FGU when I finally decide to upgrade....

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    I cannot recommend to switch, i had to as the Updater of FGC stopped working for me, but the Unity version has some serious issues. I've got players crashing or dropping out of the sessions regularily, not being able to join back without being kicked and unowning their character so they can take it again or even restarting the whole table. The performance has been awful for a long time and has only recently gotten better - for my taste these updates came way too late and irregular. And now i got the table performance fixed, but massive desync issues introduced. If you can stay on FGC, stay. I couldn't. It's that kind of Early Access that - if it would be a game - i'd call Pre-Alpha.
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    I went right into it after not using classic in awhile. It's had it's bumps, like Line of Sight issues, but they are constantly fixing things and making them better. It's working great for my game. And we had line of sight last monday when we played without a hiccup there too.

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