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    Changing the Wild Card image in FGU?

    How would one go about changing the Wild Card icon in SWADE on FGU?

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    You can create an extension that changes it, this is what you want to add.

    <!-- Wild Card Icon -->
    <icon name="wildcard" file="graphics/icons/wildcard4_on.png" />
    <icon name="nowildcard" file="graphics/icons/wildcard3_off.png" />

    wildcard4_on.png and wildcard3_off.png are graphics that you create or add.They can be named whatever, that is just what I named them. Of course the path to the image will be different as well. "graphics/icons/wildcard4_on.png" <----- that will be change to your path.

    I am attaching an image of my desktop, it is scaled at 70 percent, but you can see mine.
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