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    Party Decal

    I cant draw or Paint but I can mess about with stuff

    This is one of the Decals I use during game so players can always be reminded what the other party members look like

    We have Ragnar, Cleric of Sarenrae (bearded guy to the right of the cat person), Hugagug ("Huggy") Arug Ludlow, Half-Orc Barbarian, Elreyah, Cat Folk Monk, Gaude De Blimey, Human Wizard and Tiffany, Fighter/Sorcerer Goblin
    They have just got off the boat and arrived in Tephu,
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    "The small town of Swampspittle is a charming reminder of how Faerun use to be.Plague victims crawl eloquently down it's dung filled streets; greasing the way with puss from thier buboes.While at least two children a week are burnt at the stake as changelings in the handsome market square. The town boasts two taverns, one humourous dwarf and a shop that sells little things made of straw."

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