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Thread: Behind the Claw

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    Behind the Claw

    Hi Folks,

    My game runs currently in Spinward Marches Sector, Lunion Subsector and will soon move down to Glisten (if they follow the lead!).

    So for me, source material is far more important than actual adventures because even when I ran Mission to Mithril I modified it and have used the Mercenary ship as a hook for a mini-campaign.

    I digress a bit. So Behind the Claw starts to flesh out Spinward Marches/Deneb, and then some detail into each Subsector and then some more detail into a few of the systems and their worlds. It's a glorious piece of work and I've enjoyed reading it, and re-reading it.

    It's now progressed that I'm looking to complete it within the next week, and it'll go over to LordNanoc as usual, plus I've got another tester lined up to speed up the process.

    Here's where we are:
    • Text - 100%
    • Images - 100%
    • System Data - 100%
    • Races - 100%
    • Equipment - 100%
    • Spacecraft - 100%
    • NPCs - 100%
    • Vehicles - 100%

    Now people may ask, why focus on this over High Guard. Well High Guard is soon to be in testing, plus the Ruleset work is ongoing, and once a book goes to Testing there are many weeks before it sees the light of day.

    I shall update this post as I complete the milestones over the next few days.

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    excellent news, the fact that your really enjoying your "work" is of course a huge bonus, I'm sure we'll all look forward to seeing the results.

    I agree more source material is always useful.
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    Evening Folks,

    And to let you know, it's complete.

    I'll double check all is good over the weekend, been working on some CoC the last few nights and so tonight finished up the few parts.

    I think it's great, though not sure I'll have any Delphinic Adventurers in my game..... but that's what I love about Traveller and RPGing you play what you want.


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    Morning All,

    This has now gone to Smiteworks.

    Please say hello to 'techbadger' he's going to help out with the testing on this, as LordNanoc should be busy with High Guard and there are more products awaiting testing.

    Full time now on v1.1.4 to complete that so I can release the Spacecraft Combat Tracker extensions, so we can get that coding underway! Oh and finish Pirates.

    Note, I'm taking a week off of Traveller, got some CoC stuff to complete/work on.


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    If you need testers for the main ruleset (for when you make changes, add items, etc.) let me know. Happy to test with my 2300 AD group.

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    @techbadger: giving a wave to a fellow tester

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    I noticed that Behind the Claw was updated in early July, hopefully Mongoose has an errata sheet for you of changes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by esmdev View Post
    I noticed that Behind the Claw was updated in early July, hopefully Mongoose has an errata sheet for you of changes.
    Nope, not a sausage.

    Will check which version I used and then email. It's not been tested yet, so hopefully LordNanoc has the updated version.

    I sent a list of issues I found when I converted it, for example the SubSector headers all said 'Spinwards Marches',


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