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    One of my players sees only blank tokens and blank portraits for all characters

    As per the title.

    Just loaded up my table for a game, and one of the players sees only blank tokens and portraits. Everyone else is OK.

    He also mentioned that all the modules were unloaded. He could pick his character, so it doesn't appear to be a change of name at login.


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    FGC or FGU? Version?
    Ruleset? Extensions?

    Is the player running on 32 bit or 64 bit Windows? What is his process size for FG when connected to your game?
    Has the player tried clearing their cache and then reconnecting to you?

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    I should have got those details to you. It was FGC, 5e, a lot of extensions, latest version. Both updated. Cleared the cache. All those things, but we solved it by changing his login name and redownloading the game files. Odd, seeing as he’s been connecting to the game for the last 15 sessions or so without problem.

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