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    Problems to code Pathfinder Spell damage effect

    Hello all

    I try to code some Spell damage effects for Pathfinder.

    <dice type="dice">d6</dice> <! -- Damage Dice -->
    <dicestat type="string">0</dicestat> <! -- Dice multiplyer (cl/evencl/oddcl) -->
    <dicestatmax type="number">0</dicestatmax> <! -- Dice multiplyer max -->
    <statmult type="number">1</statmult> <! -- Stat multiplyer -->

    <stat type="string">evencl</stat> <! -- Stat (cl/evencl/oddcl/strength/dexterity/constitution/intelligence/wisdom/charisma)-->

    <statmax type="number">0</statmax> <! -- Stat multiplyer max -->
    <bonus type="number">0</bonus> <! -- Bonus -->
    <type type="string">acid</type> <! -- Damage Type -->

    It works all fine except the Stat field.
    I can do cl/oddcl/strength/dexterity/constitution/intelligence/wisdom/charisma
    but NOT "Even CL".

    if i insert evencl it wont work. Does someone know what to insert for even cl ?


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    The clue is in the <values> field in the cycler definition:

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    GREAT !
    Thanks a lot !

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