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    Recent Connection Problems FGC

    I purchased an ultimate licence and several books / modules back in May to D&D while in quarantine.
    Read the port forwarding stuff, made the required changes and it worked, as expected.
    Last Wednesday 7/1 We ran our game, no problems.
    Last night 7/7 The other DM was getting "connection test failed" after about an hour of troubleshooting, it resolved that the modem he had been using for weeks needed replaced.
    Strange flex, but whatever.
    I loaded my campaign - "connection test failed"
    That's odd..
    Checked the firewall and all of the port forwards, same as they were,
    Checked the network was set to private,
    Finally I rebooted the modem and the computer and it connected and we got to play.
    Today 7/8 I went to work on the next session and "connection test failed".
    afaik Nothing has changed in my modem configuration or hardware.
    I downloaded the new patch and it still shows the same behavior.
    Did a setting change of did Indiana decide to do something different with the routers?

    FWIW I am on ATT and the other DM is on XFinity.

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    The other GM should look at the sticky thread - Comcast, Cox, Shaw and Xfinity Users or something like that
    For you - check the Fantasy Grounds Connections Explained thread and just double check each of the things is still valid - connection is still private, port forward is still there, your LAN ip is still what the port forward thinks it is etc.

    And welcome!

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