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    Release Updates for July 14th, 2020

    Please remember not to update right before a game starts.

    In order for some of the updates to be visible, you may need to open the modules window from Library->Modules, right click on the module and select "revert changes". Be warned, any edits you've made will be lost.

    Note: Hotfixes are to fix an immediate problem that prevents using a product. They are not fully tested and may introduce other issues. If you have issues with a hotfix please contact support.

    The following products have been updated:

    Rolemaster Classic (Rolemaster Classic)
    • [Fixed] Script error - attempt to index local 'nodeAttackList' (a nil value)
    • [Fixed] NPC attack/defense updates on CT don't get used by the CT unless the NPC is removed/added back to the CT
    • [Fixed] Text issues in Spell Law
    • [Added] Link to RMC Guides to Campaign Setup
    • [Updated] Help Link on Options to point to the RMC specific help section
    • [Updated] column_string.lua script for better extension compatibility

    Dungeon Crawl Classics Ruleset (Dungeon Crawl Classics)
    • [Added] Luck check (i.e. roll equal to or less than Luck score) can be made by holding the SHIFT key while performing the roll.
    • [Added] Dropping a class feature to the Actions tab will create a new power with group name 'Abilities'.
    • [Added] Reparse option to radial menu for power entries on Actions tab.
    • [Added] Actions and chat message results for cleric abilities (turn unholy, lay on hands, and divine aid).
    • [Added] 'Judge's Notes' section to Notes tab on char sheet, visible only to the judge.
    • [Added] Ability score damage types, which are applied to the target as a combat tracker effect.
    • [Added] Spells tab to NPC sheet.
    • [Updated] Additional ranged entry created in weapon list for thrown weapons (e.g. handaxe) when item is dropped to char sheet.
    • [Updated] Additional backstab entry created in weapon list for thief class when relevant item is dropped to char sheet.
    • [Updated] Effect duration field in actions changed from a number to a string to allow random values (e.g. 1d6+CL). The duration is calculated when the effect is dropped to the CT.
    • [Updated] Duration is appended to the CT effect when longer than minutes using the format '[D: <duration> <units>]'.
    • [Updated] Additional spell effect actions created for random durations. (Right-click on spell and select 'Reparse' option in the radial menu to apply updates to existing spells on your character sheet.)
    • [Updated] Spell names appended to effect actions.
    • [Updated] Casting results for custom spells are parsed from the formatted text table in the spell description for chat message.
    • [Updated] 'C' button removed from NPC ability scores. Double-click or drag NPC ability score field to roll an ability check (i.e. same as char sheet).
    • [Updated] NPC special properties moved to the active/offensive subsection of combat tracker entry.
    • [Updated] Standard setting for 'CT: NPC hit points' option rolls random HP when an NPC is dropped to combat tracker and HP are set to 0.
    • [Updated] New GM 'Road Judge' icon for chat window.
    • [Updated] Skill record with 'Ability' field.
    • [Added] Chat message results for DCC Annual canticles/spells and Goodman Games 2019 Yearbook spell.
    • [Added] Class data for DCC Annual clerics.
    • [Fixed] Minor typos in Core Rules modules.
    • [Fixed] Broken links for shortbow and sling ammo in 'Table 1-3: Occupations'.
    • [Fixed] Halfling chicken butcher occupation linking to (human) butcher in 'Table 1-3: Occupations'.
    • [Fixed] Broken image link for 'Ithha, Prince of Elemental Wind' in Supernatural Patrons section of judge's module.
    • [Removed] Link to ghost random encounter from 'Supernatural Influence Manifestation' table in player module.
    • [Added] Relevant abilities to skill records in Core Rules modules where applicable.

    D&D Tales from the Yawning Portal (5E) (D&D fifth edition)
    • [Updated] TYP - Tomb of Horrors
    • [Added] Occluders for Unity
    • [Updated] Tokens
    • [Updated] Images
    • [Updated] Reference Manual

    Mutants & Masterminds Ruleset and Hero's Handbook (Mutants & Masterminds)
    • [Fixed] Secret Identity works properly for both GM and Player
    • [Fixed] Toughness now updates properly.
    • [Fixed] Missing image in Player's Guide
    • [Fixed] Map sizing in GM's Guide
    • [Added] Secret Identity Speech Bubble will now change speaker in chat

    Savage Worlds: Fantasy Companion (Savage Worlds)
    • [Fixed] Missing Summon Ally Power details

    D&D Hoard of the Dragon Queen (D&D fifth edition)
    • [Added] Occluders for Unity

    Call of Cthulhu 7E (Ruleset) (Call of Cthulhu 7E)
    • [Fixed] Dice Tower highlighting
    • [Fixed] Various FGU problems
    • [Fixed] Issues with Percentile dice reporting incorrectly in some cases
    • [Added] Support for /die d100 command incorporating modifiers

    D&D Dungeon Master's Guide (D&D fifth edition)
    • [Fixed] Missing formatted text from a number of magic items
    • [Added] Separate items for the Hand and Eye of Vecna
    • [Added] Separate Items for each Manual of Golems
    • [Added] Separate Items for each Quaal's feather token
    • [Added] Various links to spells, other magic items and NPCs to some magic items
    • [Fixed] Crystal Ball descriptions
    • [Fixed] Sphere of Annihilation missing table
    • [Fixed] Various typos and formatting errors
    • [Fixed] Avatar of Death hit points

    2E Ruleset (2E Compatible)
    • [Fixed] EXP penalty calculation.
    • [Fixed] Armor DP value displayed.
    • [Fixed] Client side error during npc placement on map (addUnderlay)
    • [Added] Campaign Setting to disable Optional NPC size/speed mods to initiative.

    Savage Worlds: 50 Fathoms (Savage Worlds)
    • [Updated] Updated text to match latest version of PDF with regards to Crew Upkeep.
    • [Updated] Compressed images.

    Savage Worlds: 50 Fathom's Player's Guide (Savage Worlds)
    • [Updated] Updated text to match latest version of PDF with regards to Crew Upkeep.
    • [Updated]
    • [Fixed] Compressed images fixed problem with Ships table

    Harbingers of Life & Death (5e Class Pack: Deathseer, Grave Warden, and Vicar) (5E Compatible)
    • [Updated] Harbingers of Life & Death (5e Class Pack) has seen balance updates and the Pale Master class has been renamed to Grave Warden
    • [Added] Art for all subclasses
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    Robert E Howard's Conan Roleplaying Game (Conan 2d20)
    • [Fixed] Pushed correct version in update
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