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    Character Creation Module

    I created a module that will "walk" you through character creation using story elements, roll tables, links in the tables, etc. I don't have psionic/prisoner in yet, and I'm sure it has errors/bugs still in it. If you do use it and find some kind of incorrect information, misspelling, etc. let me know so I can fix it and upload an update.

    It appears there are errors when using this in FG classic. I made this in Unity and some of the dice appear to turn into D12s instead of D6s when it is used in FG Classic. I am unsure of anything I could do to fix this issue and do not plan to fix it for classic.

    Update 1:
    Updated the module to change some formatting. Still have more updating to do.
    Added the prisoner career, still have to add psionic.

    Update 2:
    Added psionics and tried to make all the various screens consistent across careers in terms of layout. Added additional information buttons to show information about advancement, qualifications, etc.

    Update 3:
    Just added a simple thumbnail.

    Update 4:
    Added table and info for rolling medical bill reductions when serving in different careers and getting injured.

    Update 5:
    Added the pre-careers from Traveller Companion.
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    This is excellent stuff.

    At some future point, a Character Builder might happen but that depends on many factors, until then continue with this. If you need any help from me on anything, just ask.

    Ruleset and much more content built for FGU.
    Come join me on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/MadBeardMan to see what I'm up to!

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    Awesome, thanks! I'll be using this to walk some Traveller newbies through character creation in the next couple of weeks and will let you know of any bugs I find.

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    Been slowing making a second pass on everything to update for uniformity and try to catch fringe cases (rolling injury tables for events that you can get injured in for example) Been putting in links to info sheets for things like what survival means, advancement, benefits, etc. Will post an updated version of the module once I finish that. I added prisoner, still need to add the draft and psionic.

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    I would suggest adding a thumbnail to your module. It took me a while to find it in the library before I realized the thumbnail was blank.

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    It looks like it is rolling a D12 on the characteristics table rather than 2 D6. I have rolled a 1 on multiple occasions. Am I doing something wrong?

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    It is definitely rolling 2d6 every time I test it. If it is rolling 1d12 on your end I'm not really sure what to do for ya. Maybe someone else can replicate it and it can be figure out though. I'll add a thumbnail soon, I was still working on getting it actually finishes first.

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    It's also rolling d12 here for some reason
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    Yeah, I'm not sure why. When I download the module and use the dice roller I get 2D6.
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    A 1, three 2's, a 7, and an 8. Would hate to play this guy.

    Char Gen.png

    Edit: OK, just discovered it works as advertised in Unity, 6 rolls of 2 D6s. In FG Classic, 6 rolls of 1 D12.

    Hope this helps.
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