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    I apologize if this has been mentioned but I get the below error in FGU (started testing this since Celestian has has put out an update for it).


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    I've updated the file linked in the OP with version 0.6. It contains the following changes:

    • Fixes some FGU issues that weren't present in FGC due to the way DB node names were parsed.
    • If using armor damage rules, NPCs now benefit from worn armor. This adds to whatever AC you give them, so if you had a human fighter NPC with an AC in his NPC record of 3, and you put some Plate Armor in his inventory and equip it, he'd going to end up at AC -4 or something like that. For it to work correctly, set his AC to 10 (or whatever it might be with a dex bonus) and make sure his Plate Armor is equipped. This change was necessary to get the armor damage rules and decreasing AC with damage to work for NPCs. If you don't actually stick any armor in the NPC's inventory and equip it, there won't be any change to how it used to work. Considering pulling this into a separate option, though, because I find it useful even without using armor damage rules.
    • Fixed a bug reported by Franky where the Thac0 button didn't work.
    • You can now hold ALT while rolling damage to force damage to go to a shield against a PC or NPC.
    • Fixed the /pen commands, which apparently weren't working (and also completely unnecessary if you're on FGU, since that supports penetration dice natively).
    • Fixed a FGU bug that was also present in the 2E ruleset due to a difference in how dice arrays work between FGU and FGC that led to problems with armor damage and damage absorption abilities in general. (May revert this change in next release... it's either about to be fixed in the 2E ruleset or already has been... I haven't had time to check).
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    Thanks for making this available.
    I have been playing with the Weapon vs Armour and also the Penetration dice features.
    They add a great new level to the game,makes it interesting to look at the chat box for the various armour effects on the dice roll and also whether dice damage explodes,this makes the lowly dagger with d4 damage a lot of fun.
    Really like it,was feeling a bit jaded with the regular gameplay and this extension caught my eye in the forum list and it is great to play around with.

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    Glad you're enjoying it, Seanny! I would caution you against using penetration dice without some sort of bonus hit point rules or some other way to mitigate the increased damage, though. While on average, penetration only adds half a point of damage per die (regardless of die type), you can get some really big spikes that are hard to deal with using standard 2E hit points. For example, there's a 1 in 64 chance your typical longsword damage might penetrate twice, meaning your damage would land in the 15-22 range before even adding in other bonuses.

    Hackmaster handles that by giving everyone +20 hp. This makes combats go longer, but also gives both sides more time to retreat when things start to go badly (and, IMO, makes morale rules more important so that every combat doesn't turn into a long slog).
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    Verison 0.7

    • The big update was adding the initiative system from Player's Option: Combat & Tactics. More details below.
    • Fixed a bug (caused by the armor damage part of my mod) where Warding items like Bracers of Defense weren't granting an AC bonus, and other items like Rings of Protection were stacking with magical armor bonuses to AC when they shouldn't.
    • Added another option to the "Hit Point Kickers" option to allow for size-based kickers. Instead of a flat +20 hp for everything, it starts at +0 for Tiny creatures and adds +10 for every size category they go up.

    Combat & Tactics Initiative

    Enabling this option switches from standard 2E initiative to the intiative system presented in the Player's Option: Combat & Tactics book (starting on page 17). Overall, this makes initiative for certain actions happen more consistently at the same time every round, rewarding quick characters and weapons and penalizing slow ones. To summarize it a bit, each round is broken into 5 phases: very fast, fast, average, slow, and very slow. Each round, each side rolls a d10 for initiative. The lowest roll wins. Ties are rerolled. Rolling a 1 means all combatants on that side will act one phase quicker that round, and rolling a 10 means all combatants on that side will act one phase slower.

    The phase a given character or creature acts on is determined by a number of factors. First off, each character has a base initiative that's based on their size, speed, and encumbrance. Tiny and Small creatures are very fast, man-sized creatures are fast, large creatures are average, huge creatures are slow, and gargantuan creatures are very slow. This is adjusted one phase quicker for creatures with a movement rate of 18" or greater, and slower by one phase for creatures with a movement rate of 6" or less. Being moderately enumbered make initiative one phase slower, while being heavily encumbered is two phases slower and severely encumbered is three phases slower. For most unecumbered PCs, they'll usually end up with a base initiative phase of "fast".

    If a character is just moving or acting in a way that doesn't involve a spell or weapon, they use their base initiative. If they're casting a spell, their initiative is based on the casting speed of the spell. Spells with a casting time of 3 or less are fast, 4-6 are average, 7-9 are slow, and full round cast times are "very slow".

    If instead the character is using a weapon, they'll end up taking whichever initiative phase is worse... their base initiative phase or their weapon's initiative phase. The Player's Option book has a list of all weapons and what their speed phases are, but in lieu of coding that all in and making users of this mod maintain a new property on all the weapons, I instead based it on the weapon's "weapon speed" that already existed in 2E, and based it off what's in the Player's Option book. It led me to these ranges for weapno speed: Weapon speed <= 0 is very fast, 1-4 is fast, 5-7 is average, 8-13 is slow, and 14+ is very slow. If you are using the "Reaction Adjustment Affects Init" option of this mod, the way it works it to add or subtract your reaction adjustment to the weapon speed before determing the phase. It has no affect on spells or base initiative.

    Some spells or other effects can give you an initiative bonus in 2e. These effects would like like "INIT: 4" and the like in Fantasy Grounds. The Player's Option book gives no guidance on how to deal with these, so I decided that every 3 full points of initiative bonus or penalty would change your initiative by one phase. Thus, a "INIT: 4" effect would amke you one phase slower, while a "INIT: -9" effect would make you 3 phases faster.

    Finally, remember that a given side rolling a 1 or 10 affects the final determined initiative for the characters on that side by subtracting or adding one phase. When the round becomes, combat will start with the winning side's "very fast" characters, then move on to the losing side's "very fast" characters. Then it'll drop a phase to the winning side's "fast" characters, then the losing side's "fast" characters, and so on. Do to the different ways your initiative can be bumped up or down a few phases, I did create some extra phases. "Very Fast+" is one phase faster than "very fast", and should only be able to occur if a character has a beneficial initiative effect or was already "very fast" and rolled a 1 for initiative. "Very Slow-" is any initiative phase slower than "very slow", and really has no lower limit (see "How htis works behind the scenes in Fantasy Grounds" for more info).

    Dropping one initiative phase
    When hitting the "Next Actor" button (the down arrow near the bottom of the combat tracker), the DM can hold down alt, shift, or control while clicking it to drop the current actor's initiative by one phase and then moving on to the next actor (or staying on the current actor, if that would still make them next). This is needed because in the Player's Option initiative system, there are a number of cases where your initiative might drop by one phase mid-round. For example, if a character is moving, they begin moving on their normal initiative, can move up to half their movement, and then can finish their movement on the following initiative phase. Likewise, if they're going to move and attack, they'd move on their normal initiative phase and attack one phase later. Multiple attacks are meant to occur on subsequent phases, so a character with three attacks might get his first attack on "fast", his second on "average", and final attack on "slow".

    This can also be useful if a character states they're delaying their action. Just delay them a phase, move on, and when you get to them again ask if they want to go yet.

    How this works behind the scenes in Fantasy Grounds
    Because I don't want to rewrite the entirety of the Fantasy Grounds initiative code, this kinds of grafts itself on top of the normal 2E initiative system by treating certain initiative numeric values as certain phases. We also technically can go faster than very fast (called very fast+) or slower than very slow (called very slow-). It works as follows:

    Initiative 0: Winning side's "very fast+" initiative
    Initiative 1: Losing side's "very fast+" initiative
    Initiative 2: Winning side's "very fast" initiative
    Initiative 3: Losing side's "very fast" initiative
    Initiative 4: Winning side's "fast" initiative
    Initiative 5: Losing side's "fast" initiative
    Initiative 6: Winning side's "average" initiative
    Initiative 7: Losing side's "average" initiative
    Initiative 8: Winning side's "slow" initiative
    Initiative 9: Losing side's "slow" initiative
    Initiative 10: Winning side's "very slow" initiative
    Initiative 11: Losing side's "very slow" initiative
    Initiative 12: Winning side's "very slow-" initiative
    Initiative 13: Losing side's "very slow-" initiative
    Initiative 14+: Basically bonus "very slow-" phases

    Right now, when a character "rolls" their initiative for a weapon or spell like they normally would in Fantasy Grounds 2E ruleset, they will see a die roll and a message will appear in that chat box, but this is really always producing a fixed result... you'll note that the message is about a d0 being rolled with certain modifiers added. This is simply to make sure the result comes out to the correct number (as shown above) that puts them in the right initiative phase and side. A lot of rework would be needed for me to clean this up and make it prettier, and it's also a very risky area of the code to change, so this is probably as good as it's going to get. You can basically ignore the roll though and just look at where you land in the combat tracker.

    Player Characters who have not yet rolled initiative (such as when a new round starts) default to their "very slow-" phase. If your bothers can't be bothered to roll, they can just go last!

    Lastly, since under the hood this is laying on top of the base ruleset's initiative system, it's easy to toggle back off. Whether toggling it on or off, though, you probably want to start a new round right afterwards so all the default initiatives for NPCs roll correctly for whichever system you're selected.

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    Version .71

    Fixed a bug reported by daggertx where new monsters added to the CT were showing their HP even if that option was disabled.

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    Nice work Sterno... when a new version is available, is it automatically updated in FG, or must be download again manually?

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    Thank you for fixing the bug

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    These types of add on extensions will need to be manually updated in your system.

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    Version .72

    Fixed a bug with the new init system where Reaction Adjustment from Dexterity (if you were using that option) was applying in the wrong direction.

    Version .73

    Now players (before, it was DM only) can hold alt, shift, or control when hitting the "End Turn" button on the combat tracker to drop their initiative to the next phase. In the future I'll probably add an entirely separate button for it.
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