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    • Fixed an issue where players were able to end other people's turns via their Combat Tracker end turn button.
    • Fixed an issue where the player Combat Tracker wasn't respecting the "Show Turn Order" toggleable option.
    • Added an option named "Should Radiant/Necrotic damage hurt armor (if using armor damage?)" for whether or not armor should take/soak damage from radiant/necrotic damage types. Defaults to no.
    • Added an option named "Hide Enemies From Player CT?" that hides all enemies from the player's Combat Tracker

    Known Issues
    Discovered an issue that's been present a long time, where if you are using armor damage and have multiple damage sources coming in at once, it isn't handled correctly. For instance, I discovered this because I had a player hit a monster with a warhammer for bludgeoning damage, but they also had an effect that added 2d6 radiant damage. The monster had armor on, and what was happening is that it was soaking 3 dice of damage twice. Basically it's looping over each damage type and applying the full armor, which is incorrect. Requires a fairly significant rewrite of that handling though so it won't be fixed until the next push.
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    The latest update to CoreRPG broke this extension. Highly recommend you disable it until I get a fix up in the next couple days.

    I've pushed an emergency fix that that was breaking all attacks rolls (the CoreRPG code for ModifierStack changed), but there are probably other issues that will require testing and investigation. In the meantime, please report any you see.

    As a reminder, if you ever see a console message where it has "_po" in the file name, that's coming from my extension.

    Edit: Due to improper planning ahead for this CoreRPG update on my part, my fix also pushed some incomplete Morale-checking code I was working on. So if you see an ugly button next to the "End Turn" button or some text strings up near the hit point display in the CT, that's why. It's a work in progress that I didn't meant to release yet.
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    v1.12 (pending forge approval)

    • Fixed a problem where attack rolls were broken after the CoreRPG update.
    • Fixed a problem where initiative rolls were broken (if using Hackmaster initiative) after the CoreRPG update
    • Added an option under the Additional Automation section called "Treat Death's Door Healing Same As Normal Healing?". In the base 2E ruleset, if you are below 0 HP and are healed, you are set to 1 HP, regardless of the amount healed. When this option is enabled, instead of that default behavior, you simply get a normal heal applied to your negative hit point value. If that is a small amount, maybe you'll still be in the negatives. If it's a huge amount, you can be healed above 1 HP.
    • Unfinished Morale Tracker - see below

    Note: I still haven't been able to fully test the extension to see if anything else is broken after the CoreRPG updates a few days ago. There may still be other issues with this extension. Please report any issues you have.

    Also, I was in the middle of working on a Morale Tracker when the CoreRPG updates hit, and I didn't plan ahead well enough to keep that work in a separate branch of code. Since it's critical to get some of the problems caused by the CoreRPG update fixed or the extension is unusuable, I'm pushing out this code that has a half-finished Morale Tracker with a terrible-looking UI. Unlike most features I release, right now I don't have a way to turn it off (though that will be coming), thought it doesn't really do anything that affects things other than clog up your Combat Tracker UI a bit.

    Just to give an overview of what to expect with it in it's current state, you'll see an ugly icon of a hand holding a flag down near the "Next Turn" button on the GM Combat Tracker. Clicking this makes a morale check for all NPCs. For each NPC, it does the following:

    1) Determine if the NPC needs to check morale. Currently, this is true if the NPC is <= 75% HP remaining, or if they're fatigued (if using Hackmaster fatigue rules). You can also force the check by holding ALT, SHIFT, or CONTROL (but not all 3 at once) while clicking the button to check morale.
    2) If they need a check, it determines their morale rating. It reads this from their NPC record.
    2a). If it can't find one (such as if the Morale line on their record is empty, or has something that can't be parsed as a number), it will say "Unknown" in the end results and not actually roll a check for them.
    2b). If their morale was something with a range, like "Average (13-15)", it'll try to take the average of that range. In this case, 14.
    3) Once it knows the monster needs a check and has a morale score, it rolls 2d10 and applies modifiers.
    3a) If a creature is lawful, it gets a -1 bonus to it's morale check. If it is a chaotic, it gets a -1 penalty. This is per the 2E rules, but I will probably remove this modifier since it seems like this would already be factored in to their morale score on their NPC sheet. But right now, it's there.
    3b) If they're <= 50% health remaining, they get a +4 penalty to the roll. If it's only <= 75%, it's a +2 penalty.
    3c) If they're fatigued (if using Hackmaster fatigue rules), they get a +1 penalty for every level of fatigue they have (I might tweak this number in the future).
    4) Now that we've rolled, we check the generate a result. This appears both in the chat window (to the GM only) and in the monster's CT entry to the right of where it shows their wounds. Also, note that currently, a morale check will never result in them getting "less scared". If they've failed a morale check, any subsequent checks will return a result at least as bad (basically, the worse of the two).

    So here are the results they can have:

    Unknown - Usually means we couldn't read a morale score for the monster and thus couldn't roll. Will show up as "Battle Ready!" on the CT for the monster.
    Did not require check - They didn't meet the criteria in step 1 above to need a morale check. Will show up as "Battle Ready!" on the CT for the monster.
    Success - The monster succeeded in its morale check.
    Fighting Retreat - The monster failed its morale check by 1-3.
    Disengage-Retreat - The monster failed its morale check by 4-6.
    Flee in Panic - The monster failed its morale check by 7-9.
    Surrender - The monster failed its morale check by 10+.

    I say this is half finished because I'm working on a nicer UI interface for it that lets you set "global" morale modifiers, some automated, some not, like "50% of friends killed", "leader killed", "facing overwhelming odds", etc. Plus, it's ugly. Plus, I still need to play around with some of the individual modifiers, like for example probably removing the lawful/chaotic check.

    Also, morale SHOULD reset when you "end encounter", but I haven't really tested that much. You can definitely reset every enemy's morale by holding ALT, SHIFT, and CONTROL at the same time while clicking the morale flag icon.

    You can also use it from the chat command line.

    Typing "/morale" has the same effect as clicking the morale flag button on the CT. It determines if a morale check is needed for an NPC and rolls it if so.
    Typing "/morale force" has the same effect as holding ALT, SHIFT, or CONTROL while clicking on the morale CT button. It forces all NPCs to roll a check regardless of if it thinks they need one.
    Typing "/morale reset" has the same effect as holding ALT, SHIFT, and CONTROL while clicking on the morale CT button. It resets all NPC morale back to "Battle Ready!"

    Known issues:

    - The "Battle Ready!" text shows up on the CT next to PCs.
    - It's ugly.
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