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    Tried to run my game with this last night. Still has issues, some of which are definitely the extension and some could be the extension or the underlying ruleset. Will be working on it throughout the week but I don’t expect to have another update ready until at least Wednesday. Recommend unloading it for now.

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    Another update, didn't add to the version. Just fixes a few outstanding bugs from the ruleset patches. Tested it in my Sunday night game and the only issues I ran into seem unrelated to the extension and were things I believe I saw Celestian say in Discord would be fixed in next Tuesday's patch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sterno View Post
    house rules that are similar to rules seen in Hackmaster.
    You wonderful, wonderful person!

    I have been looking for something to let me play Hackmaster in FG for the longest time. I haven't really been happy with attempting to use MoreCore for that, and I always thought the 2e ruleset would be a better starting place. Your additions sound amazing. I'm curious - are you actually playing HM with these, or are they just a handful of rules that you liked and happened to nab for your ruleset? Because I would pay for a ruleset or 2e extension that makes Hackmaster fully functional in FG.

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    I used to run a live version of Hackmaster (4th edition) 15 years ago, had kids, and never really had time to game again until recently when I decided to try VTT. I started out last year creating a ruleset for Hackmaster (using Celestian's 2E ruleset as a base and modifying it). That ruleset was closer to true Hackmaster than this extension is, because it had the full initiative system and crit system of Hackmaster. However, the downside to that approach (ruleset vs extension) is that I didn't get the updates that Celestian made to the 2E ruleset unless I manually merged them in every time his ruleset updated. Plus, I started to want to try out some other things, like the Player's Option critical hits and initiative system. So I eventuallly decided to rewrite it as an extension with toggleable options and could find the exact set of "features" that I wanted in my home game. That old ruleset hasn't been updated and likely doesn't work anymore after the big CoreRPG changes a few weeks ago, so I recently removed the link to it from my signature.

    Personally, despite it being a lot of work to add, after a few weeks my player's decided they preferred 2E initiative to Player's Option initiative, so I don't even use that option now. I use just about everything else in the extension, though. I plan to eventually (soon) add two things to the extension that my HM ruleset had... the Hackmaster initiative system (weapon speeds were basically 10 less, spells went off on their casting time +1d4 if they had material components, missile weapons firing on fixed initiatives, and a round ended at segment 10 with any initiatives higher than that rolling into the next round), as well as the Hackmaster crits. The reason the version of this extension hasn't hit "1.0" yet is because those are the two features I feel like I need to add to really capture the full Hackmaster experience. Unsure whether or not I'll end up using them personally though... Hackmaster crits are pretty lethal. I might end up going with a hybrid where I use the Hackmaster crits, but have the Player's Option style of "You need to hit by at least 5 to crit, and the target can save vs death to avoid the extra effects" to lower their lethality. Otherwise, 5% of hits in Hackmaster have a really good chance of just flat out killing you or disabling you, if you play with rules as written.

    So to directly answer the question, yes, I'm currently running a Hackmaster game using this except I'm using 2E initiative and Player's Option crits instead of HM rules for those right now.

    I have no plans to make a paid extension. I created this because I enjoy the game and feel like if I'm doing all this work, hopefully someone else can get use out of it. If there are some rules from Hackmaster that you think the extension doesn't cover that you'd like to see, let me know and I'll see about adding them.

    Also, I personally have a module that contains all the Hackmaster spells, races, and classes that I use in my own game, but I don't think it's shareable due to copyright issues (and because I pulled a lot of the common ones from the for-sale 2E modules), and I also think there's no chance to publish it even if the copied 2E content were removed, because I'm pretty sure Kenzer & Company can't even sell Hackmaster 4e stuff anymore. So unfortunately, people trying to run a HM game either need to create that themselves or use the 2E stuff, which to be fair, is close enough for most things unless you're getting into some of the specialist wizard classes, or pixie fairies, etc. I might look into putting out a module that has some of the races (half-orc, half-ogre, pixie fairy) and classes (barbarian, assassin, monk, dark knight, specialist wizards, etc) if I can figure out a way to do it legally (which, at a minimum, means not copy and pasting the class text).

    All that said, here's what I think are the big changes between Hackmaster and 2E, and which of those I've implemented so far:

    1) More races/classes - done personally as discussed, not sure how to legally share these, but people can create them on their own
    2) Penetration dice for healing/damage - implemented
    3) Comeliness score - implemented
    4) Honor affecting dice rolls - implemented
    5) 10 segment initiative system - Not implemented in extension yet (but code for it has been written/tested in the old ruleset code), but will be added soon
    6) Critical hit charts with severity rolls and location rolls - Not implemented in extension yet (but code for it has been written/tested in the old ru), but will be added soon
    7) Fatigue - Implemented with minor changes
    8) 20 point kickers - Implemented for NPCs. Players have to add it manually when they create their character. Also added a house-ruled "size based kicker" option because I hate Tiny creatures getting +20 hp. Stirges and rats and such with +20 hp is dumb.
    9) Hackmaster stat modifiers (different charts for strength, dex, etc) - Implemented
    10) Dexterity reaction adjustment affects init - implemented
    11) Armor damage and damage soak, and shield hits/damage - implemented
    12) To-hit modifiers vs different armor types - implemented
    13) Using attack matrices vs Thac0 - not implemented and don't plan to, but did implement the correct to-hit chance for monsters based on HD if you translate it to Thac0. So works out almost the same except a "20" doesn't hit 6 ACs like it would in Hackmaster or 1E.
    14) Threshold of Pain checks - implemented
    15) Secret Bonus feature: Want to roll quirks and flaws? Type /qf (or, /getf*cked, and you can guess which missing letter to fill in there) in the chat console and it'll do it for you (PHB quirks and flaws only).
    16) Double Secret Bonus Feature: type /mishap to generate a spell mishap result. Since that can generate a quirk or flaw, that's why #15 even got implemented. Despite having spent hours coding these charts in, I've literally never used them in-game because spell mishaps don't usually come up. But hey, it's there if you want them!

    To me, those are the big changes I think between 2E and Hackmaster, and as you can see, most are already implemented or soon will be. If you feel like something is missing that really makes for the real Hackmaster experience, let me know and I'll see how hard it would be to add.
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