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    Looking for paid GM, one-shots or short scenarios, different game systems, UK/EU time


    I've managed to schedule myself some free time over the summer and I'm looking to broaden my horizons for online play.

    I'm looking for a GM or series of GMs to run some one-off or short scenarios using different games systems: anything other than D&D. I've got but not yet tried Savage Worlds and W.O.I.N., I've run but not played Dungeon Crawl Classics and Starfinder, I've not played RoleMaster or Vampire in decades, I've got but never played 13th Age, and I've played 3.5th Ed but only done one or two things in Pathfinder. I've not played Traveller since 1st Ed, have no experience of Castles and Crusades or Symbaroum. I'm even more up for minority stuff using community-provided FG rulesets and I don't mind some rough edges so long as you as GM don't mind a bit of hand holding to get me going.

    I usually GM but this time I want to play. I'm after some experimenting and seeing how different games work and how they run online - so it's not the end of the world just to run starter scenarios from the rulebook for each system.

    A group of GMs all agreeing to run a one-short or short scenario in a different system for each would be ideal, there's a great thread someone else posted which sounds quite like that but sadly in a time zone that guarantees I'll be asleep. I know there are fewer people on here in UK/EU timezone, so I decided to post it as a looking for paid GM.

    I'm happy to pay for your effort, happy to have you advertise and have other players come and go, I'd just like to be able to have some input into what we play and some confidence that you'll run the game even if I'm the only player who shows up.

    I don't mind covering the costs of running it to a higher-than-normal-for-paid-sessions level, too, as I appreciate that running a whole bunch of short games is harder than getting four players through Mines of Phandelver all over again So please don't be afraid to quote me what you think you'd actually need to make running this worthwhile for you.

    I have FGC and FGU Ultimate licences, but as you're running the game you'll presumably need to have the rulesets etc.. I'm happy to sponsor you to buy those once we've played a few games to establish a good relationship.

    TIME ZONE: UK (British summer time/ UTC+1).
    Date and time: by arrangement, but it needs to be when I am awake, which means between 9 am and 10 pm, roughly. I already have games Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, most other slots are free. Daytime would work well for me but appreciate that if you want to get more players involved it might have to be an evening.
    Text or voice: would prefer voice, happy via Discord or Skype.
    Recorded/streamed: up to you, can be if it would be useful for you but I wasn't planning on it
    RP/Combat mix: with potentially just me as one player, it might end up more combat-heavy than usual as I can't do much inter-party chat with myself! I don't mind, I want to see how the systems work and combat will be a pretty big part of that.

    So if you've got a one-shot or a short scenario that would work with a single player or a small group I could drop into, please let me know!
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    Hey there Hywell, I would be up for trying to get something set up with you.

    Games other than D&D that I would be up for running
    Savage Words RIFTs
    Iron Kingdoms RPG (rule set works but no automation and has some bugs)
    I was just toying with a rule set for Warhammer 40k Deathwatch but the ruleset doesnt seem finished, Im also looking into Wrath and Glory Revised.

    Anyway when you say D&D are you referring to all editions or just 5e? Im a huge fan of 4e, and could run that as well. I do have a game possibly being set up late night friday evening based off the Everquest world. I could fit you in in the beginning if we get it going.

    Anyway if interested in possibly setting something up Please PM me and we can see what we can arrange. Also I will link my Discord below.

    Best of luck in your search to find something that may work.

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    Hi computertrucker,

    That sounds interesting, thank you. I'm not all that interested in 4th Ed D&D - I ran a fair bit of it face-to-face and I can see it would translate well to VTT but I still prefer the streamlining of 5e I think.

    I'd definitely be up for some Savage Worlds. I've got the core rulebook so can have a bit of a practice generating characters before session zero. I'll drop you a message on Discord.

    Cheers, Hywel

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