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    How do folks handle regular NPCs, like townspeople?

    Hi, forum-

    So, I'm still new to running in FG, and I notice that it's a zillion times easier to generate monster and enemy NPCs than townspeople type NPCs. With monsters or enemies, you grab drag the template from the source book module, edit as necessary, etc., but there are no sourcebook entries for "villager", "innkeeper", or "human child". How do folks usually handle these types of characters? I'm thinking a lot of times, they don't need to be entered as NPC records at all, but some of these people are going to be present in tactical situations, even though not fighting, and I would like to show them on a mat with a token, but adapting a full NPC record for everyone who really should be just a name, a token, and some RP notes is tedious. What do you all do? Thanks!

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    There is townsperson - use the commoner stat block.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zacchaeus View Post
    There is townsperson - use the commoner stat block.
    Found it, thanks. Wish I knew that was there in the MM!

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    I also have a number of different "common villager" tokens that I can use. If you look around there's a bunch available. there's some in the FG store, some online, some at DMSGuild/DriveThruRPG, etc. Drag commoner, change the name, drop a token. Done. Fast and easy.

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