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    LFP To Wake the Leviathan (Level 14 mini adventure 5e)

    UPDATE July 17: Looking for 1 more player! Game starts tomorrow!

    On a mission from Mordenkainen, To Wake the Leviathan takes adventurers across the River Styx between the Abyss and the Nine Hells in search of a legendary ship.

    FG License: GM has Full Classic so players only need demo
    Game System: 5e

    Planned Duration & Frequency: Two 4-hour sessions only
    Time Zone: Pacific Daylight Time (BC, Canada)
    Dates and time: Saturday July 18 AND Monday July 20, 6:00pm-10:00pm PDT (UTC -7)

    Text or Voice: Voice over Discord (Video encouraged)
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

    Character starting level & equipment: Level 14 with starting equipment plus 6,000gp and two uncommon magic items.
    Character restrictions: Anything official. The campaign will have access to the PHB, XGE, Volo's and SCAG for character creation (if you don't already own them).
    Roleplay & Combat mix: Lots of combat (70%), but RP opportunities are there if you take it (20-30%).
    Number of Players in game & needed: Need 4-5 players

    Details of the scenario: Nearly three centuries ago, the leviathan ship known as the Firajian crashed and sank beneath the icy streams of Stygia. A weapon born of the Abyss, it bears magical weapons that can break through many of the wards and enchantments woven through the infernal powers of the devils.
    Two horrific factions know the location of the ship, as well as possess the ability to bring it back from its icy grave. The archmage Mordenkainen, determined to stop both of these warring factions from gaining control over such a powerful weapon, has devised a plan to steal the vessel from under their noses…
    And thus, the party is recruited by Mordenkainen to complete the task of reaching the Firajian and getting it out of Stygia before either faction gets it.

    About me: 32/F. I am an experienced GM in both Pathfinder and 5e, but not really above level 8 or so, so I'm looking to experience higher level play. I'm still relatively new to FG, but I have a pretty firm grasp on the program (I'm currently running a Dragon Heist campaign on FG). I like to roleplay and stay immersed in the game.

    About you: Looking for players experienced in 5e and Fantasy Grounds. You don't need to be an expert, but you should know how to handle your character and FG so we can stay focused on playing the game. You can commit to BOTH days to play and you will also be prepared with your Level 14 character loaded up and ready to play before the game starts.

    DM me if you're interested in playing
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    Update July 17: Looking for 1 more player! DM me if interested. Game starts tomorrow.
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