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    Quote Originally Posted by graphil View Post
    Just to double check. It is fine to have 2 players each opening a different shop and buying stuff, just not the same shop. Is that correct?
    Correct. You can only have 1 person purchasing from a store at a time. Technically more than one player can be browsing a store at the same time, but whoever clicks purchase will take everything in the cart, which is why its usually better to have them access it one at a time. But there is no issue if the players are looking/purchasing from different stores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattekure View Post
    Thats a feature I have been evaluating, but I do not have it implemented yet.
    The moment this feature is added I will 100% buy this extension.

    Purchasing items is rarely the issue for my group. They're a little stingy with their money but they're also fairly self-sufficient as a group. What becomes as an issue is when they come to sell items they've looted. That can be a chore. I'd love to have a store that contains all the items from the PHB and then allows me to set a percentage of value. i.e there needs to be a box where I can set it to 50% and they can sell the items for 50% of the PHB value.
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