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    V 1.42 - Bug - For V1.41 name search changes we only want to do them if a power (in other words not a spell but a trait/action/etc.). We only have desc text in CT power entry we are given so we check for "level:" (case insensitive find) in that string - if we find it then we will not process the V1.41 additional search names.
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    Quote Originally Posted by webdove View Post
    I don't understand. This is what Raw 5e campaign with no extensions and PHB, DMG, MM as the only data sources.


    Which is the same thing you show in your EE version. I even dropped the spell onto the NPC to see if it parsed differently and it did not.

    No idea where the longer version you got came from. Here is how EE works - it name matches the name of an item, PC (feature/feat/trait), or NPC (trait/action) to the spell list and custom effect list. Whatever it finds that's how it parses. I don't have enough information to know how you even got the concentration save you are talking about as the normal vanilla 5E nothing special with PHB, DMG, MM does not even produce that. Forget about EE and any supplemental AE data you may have had - the real question is how you ever got the screenshot you showed me.
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    Sorry, I was using the test server to see if the problem had been fixed.

    At first when I tried with all my extension loaded, the Planetar/Insect Plague/Concentration effect was missing.
    However, now I am no longer able to trigger the problem even with all extensions loaded.

    Sorry for the false alarm.

    test server.png

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    Quick question,

    I have read, the how to guide in the mod, and I still cannot figure out how to get the "Acid Absorption" effect to work. I have the equipped-effects-extension and the 5e automatic effects monster manual loaded. I have a clay golem in the combat tracker, along with a test PC, and every time I use an acid type for damage (example acid spray) the chat says, damage 0 - clay golem resisted. Also, I have manually added the Acid Absorption effect onto the monster while in the combat tracker. I don't know why it was not preloaded with this effect, but it's not a big deal.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Did you add the clay golem with the * in front of the name?

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    Thank you Leprekorn for the quick reply. I did not use the clay golem with the * in the name. I looked in the 5e automatic effects, within the NPC button, for a clay golem with an * in the name, but there is none listed. I only see 37 monsters listed with an * in the name. Should there be more listed, since I have the monster manual, tasha's, eberron and such loaded along with the 5e automatic effects?

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    I know that certain NPCs have * versions that are advised to be used. But if that hasn't then probably isn't required. You could try posting on the Grim Press discord Silent Ruin is very active on there as is Aridhro who creates the automatic effects.

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    Thank you for the guidance. At least, I learned about the * for NPC's. I'll go on their discord.

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