We were getting int a bit of a slug-fest, spells flinging this way and that, much melee. All the NPCs thrown at the party dying one by. Only One NPC left, she was the leader Kilkara the Wise, she attacked the PC Sorceress and realizing that she was dead meat, and hoping to parley she dropped to her knees and surrendered. The my group convinced her to lead them to her leader, she did and the group found that her leader was dying from some sort of slow death curse by their Arch Nemesis. They felt wonderful in finally learning that their Nemesis has contacted this leader and has cursed her with a death curse.

They also found out that there is a portal out of this city that may be activated with a key that may lead to their Nemesis supporters layer. The dying leader did not know where the portal is, but someone else may, perhaps another leader in a different location.

The unexpected twist was more rewarding then a cartload of treasure, for the Players and GM.