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    50 Fathoms Master Trading Table

    Hey guys, I just purchased the 50 Fathoms setting and have been combing through the GM guide. Real excited to get a campaign running, but I found something that I'm sure I need to find/understand and I can't seem to find it in the guide. In the Adventures! section there is a spot for Trade and it says on page 43 there is a Master Trading Table available and it should be used for simple trading, which is one of the most common types of activities that parties will want to do. So I want to be sure I know where this is. However, since that's from print and not this digital copy, I'm unsure where page 43 is and this table itself is not listed in the Tables section with all the other encounters and random items.

    I'm sure I've just bypassed it or something, but I've gone through each page of this thing over and over and can't seem to find where it is. Same goes for where it says there is an asterisk for Savage Tales in the encounter tables, but I don't see that anywhere; however I do see the block text that they talk about that shows it's a more "important" encounter and then I can click the symbol to view what I need for that Tale.

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    I'm unsure if I can just delete this post, but I found it reading through the Players Guide. Should have thought of that. I can click to open the table in a new window, like any normal image, and can share the sheet with the party, but for some reason I don't see it in the images/maps for quick access. I know I can drag down to the hotbar, but surprising I can't find it listed in any of the usual spots.
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    The master trading table isn't an image as far as I remember, it a text page.
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