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    Colorblind player - need help changing font colors

    One of my players is colorblind and cannot see some of the words on the actions page of the character sheet. Has anyone made an extension that can change the font colors on the character sheet. It is the words "cast", "attack" ect in orange/red that are causing the problem. Thanks.

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    In which ruleset? 5e, Pathfinder or ...?
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    I thought there was a theme around here for that ... but can't find it

    If using 5E, you can try one of the themes here;
    Other rulesets have similar threads in the appropriate forum and sticky.

    Or you can use this to make your own theme;

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    Good Day and Welcome Torgaar
    Someone made a theme to assist with colorblindness, not sure if it is what you need or not or if you can adjust it to what you need:

    It does not work in FGU but seems to be working in FGC.

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