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    LFG - New player looking to learn 5e

    I am new to DnD and Fantasy Grounds. I have successfully made a level 1 character in the character manager with a full backstory (not just stats and attacks), but am looking for a low level (1-5) game to just learn how to play DnD and operate the software. I have Discord and a mic. I am male, mid 30s in case that matters to anyone. Somewhat flexible schedule.
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    We are playing at 10 AM US eastern daylight time on Thursdays. We only play a couple of hours but have fun. Characters are L3, DM will work with you on that. The DM is in the UK. If you can play at that time and are interested, PM me with your contact info and I will pass it on to him. We are looking for a consistent player for that weekly time slot.

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