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    BSG Dark Crypt and medievel castles tile pack, is it possible to share maps?

    Hi guys,

    Rather new to Unity but played some classic for almost 1 year, started with dungeon of the mad mage. Heavy dungeon crawler heavily modified by me to be even higher level, since its not hard enough.
    But the maps my god is awful.

    Now Im busy with my own campaign, which actually takes place in Icewind dale and is a spin off from Storm Kings Thunder, and based around Ten Towns.
    I started to create this campaign a few years back and started with new groups a few time. So far everyone been exstatic since the environment is just so much fun.
    From Season of the Witches to orc invasions and new made up Uthgardian tribes, bringing life to the north.

    Its a strong coincidence the latest possible campaign will be Icewind dale, I wonder how much they took from me lol.

    Now regarding maps. I bought and been using the AAW Games BSG Dark crypt and medieval castles. I use those for the inevitable dungeon maps.
    Its a shame there is no artic out door map tile set or maps worth its salt. Most are just not very good im afraid.

    I have created rather large dungeons already with encounters, parcels and obviously stories.
    Its part of my own campaign but some of the maps turned out really freaking cool.
    My latest creation using the BSG Dark Crypt tile set mixed with their other tile sets is a level 5-7 Dungeon, but part of my icewind dale campaign. This one is taking place deep in the mines among Dwarven Valley, in hunt of Akarr Kessel from the legacy of the crystal shard.

    Was wondering if its possible to share those maps and if others have created other LoS maps to share?

    Im trying to incorporate as much LoS as I can into my maps right now but it takes...time. And the tile set map making is very time consuming but its also fun as it makes for a more robust experience.

    So is there a way for me to share? And is there a way for others to share their LoS maps and possible tile set maps? Or I assume you need to have the map modules installed for them to work, as should be. But if you do I dont see why I cant share them or get some from other creative minds.
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    Maps created in FGU are not exportable as image files. But you can export it to an FG module and share it there. I have yet to try doing that, and I do not know if the assets are included in the module file or not (I suspect not). Whether they are included or not is may impact the ability to legally distribute them, because I don't know what the license is for FGU art assets. I haven't looked into it yet and don't remember if anyone has asked yet.

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    Well I would imagine you could share BUT it would obvously require the module map pack to begin with. I dont even think without it, it would load as that specific asset is needed.
    Was more to share between people that own this specific map module or the map modules created by AAW games, those specific tile map packs are incredibly good and easy to use.

    Lets be honest. 90% of the maps you can buy from the fantasy ground store are utterly bad. The designers lack creativity, fantasy or artistic ability.
    There are some maps thats beautiful, but the tile packs are really nice, looks good and when combining the I belive 4 tile map packs you can just build complete dungeon maps with forrests, lakes, a small city whatever. The medieval pack is excellent not only for castles but building habitats.

    Now there are other tile map packs out there but the paintings, inbuilt line of sight is not even close. I spent dollars buying quite many map pack and it never cease to dissapoint.
    In general you find better maps just browing google and saving them as .jpg files, its for free.
    In my opinion they should check more what they sell, some map packs for 9 dollars or bundles for close to 30 dollars are downright awful.
    But again the AAW map tile packs blew me away and is the sole reason I stick to unity despite the issues and anger management I had to go through

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