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    Starfinder character creation missing stuff?

    I just go the FGU ultimate license and SFCRB and I'm starting to migrate my campaign here. When I try to create a character (in this case, Operative) I found none of the "automation" I see in videos. Maybe those are for FGC? Things like I drag the class and it never asks for Specialization. I have to manually include it, then manually edit the skills for free skills, then add the insight bonus for initiative and EVERY skill manually. Is that correct? Or am I missing some functionality, using it incorrectly, etc?

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    Did you load the SFCRB via Library > Modules?

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    Yes, I can see all the stuff from the SFCRB. I drag and drop the class, but (for example) the "Operative's Edge" added to the Abilities does not modify any of the skills. I have to manually add a +1 to ALL SKILLS. Is that correct?

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    Yes sadly automation isn't that far for the Starfinder Ruleset. You can check out this thread to get a good idea of what is possible currently and what people wish for.

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    Thanks, I'll check that and look help on how to make the Operative abilities work :-/

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    For Operative Abilites, or in general I can recommend this one. I noticed late that this one exists and I made all the stuff myself and I continue to do the effects a little different. But its a great place to start from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdelcom View Post
    Thanks, I'll check that and look help on how to make the Operative abilities work :-/
    As far as adding the bonuses to skills and init yes that is a manual operation.
    First unless the system is designed to add 100% of all bonuses to everything (very hard to do) then it's hard for a player to know what bonus has been automated and what has not. So the desision was made to make most manual to give better control to players. Plus you have to remember that bonuses lint insite don't stack, so if you got a second insite bonus to the same skill you can't add it unless it higher. That's the reason for the fields if you switch to edit mode on the skill tab. You are able to track your bonuses by type to prevent stacking of bonuses.

    As far as the selection Secialization, that seemed to bug out with the COM update, Rev 2.1.5 will come out soon which addresses lag issues from COM, after that I will look at some of the other issues and work on them.
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