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    Question about character sheets and firearms skill in 7e

    Ok. so, in the process of creating a character (would love to suss out a way for the attribute rolls to be multiplied by 5 on those table entries, but that's not the meat of the question), by selecting the occupation, and dragging it over to the sheet, It mostly works, although firearms is an occupation skill, that is not registered on the sheet, nor am I easily able to edit the sheet and force it to be an occupation skill. any thoughts ( and in typing this, I think I will ask around discord, because I can more easily drop images there.)

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    Thanks to Damned and MonkeyBoy for the assist on that! It was appreciated.

    the not so obvious answer was that the firearm type needed to be entered in on the line below firearm. Not using the dropdown.
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    Glad you could find the solution and thank you for posting resolution.
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