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    New to CoC - Down Darker Trails Craftsperson skill issue.

    So recently got CoC and DDT for FG and a friend and I were messing around with it building a character for him and he wanted to make a Blacksmith.

    I had the rule set for "The Old West" selected.

    The Mech Repair skill was already listed on his sheet, but not tagged as an occupational skill.

    Is there something on our end we're missing to make Mechanical Repair listed as occupational? Or maybe a way to tag it as occupational?

    A minor note, the Craftsperson skill lists "Mechanical Repair" whereas the character sheet lists "Mech Repair."

    More info - Attempted to add Miner/Prospector to a fresh character which also has "Mechanical Repair" listed in the occupation, yet does not tag the skill "Mech Repair."

    *Edit: Figured out the Arts/Crafts issue
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    If anyone else comes across this issue I found a work around.

    You have to create a new Occupation and just copy all the info over from the ones with "Mechanical Repair" listed and instead choose "Mech Repair" in that skill slot.

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