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    Session 71 - Finally They have a Lead

    The party has been invited to the Widow's Cry to meet Queen of Night Eiseth.


    The scene that greets them is oppressive:

    Session 71:

    It was much later on Erastus the 16th, the group finished fighting near the throne room at the Horlvirgang Castle, then General Azeret spoke to Venarius and the party of heroes, “My mistress Eiseth, Queens of the Night bids you invites to the Infernal city of Dis, her palace of Widow’s Cry, some would call her the Whore Queen of Hell, but she does not go by that title. She hopes that Marijkal, she nods at the Handmaiden Devil will have interesting news that would be useful to my Queen and your group. Your safety is assured by my mistress, in the name of Dispater and Asmodeous.”

    Smoke hung in the air as the sounds of battle died off, then down below screams more sounds of battle and no more, then Irrisen troops led by Queen Elvanna and Riris. Elvanna and Riris yelled “We won the day!” Excited for their ally success, the Queen of Irrisen was offered the symbol of Horlvirgang Castle rulership, the Vorpal axe of Jarl Grunginnir.

    Venarius asked Lelany to remove the cursed ring on his finger, due to Lelani’s faith in Seranrae, the remove curse spell was successful, and his vision felt better immediately. They decided to rest and then head to Dis, like General Azeret suggested. Even though King Alexander had some reservations which he expressed with the words “Going there would not be his first choice”, when Venarius explained the involvement of Asmodeous in the grand scheme pf things he said “The last time Celistria and Asmodeous teamed up was against Revagug when legend said that he jumped across the Abyss and invaded the Material Plane, something really bad is coming to make the gods cooperate.”

    When they were ready, General Azaret assured them by saying “We will be heading to the second layer of Hell, Dis, the Infernal City, the most exalted prison for the souls of those who used the law to prey upon those around them. Dis is ruled by the Archdevil Dispater who rarely leaves his city, except to the summons of Asmodeus himself. Normally you would not have a chance to venture there, but my mistress the infamous Queens of the Night, Eiseth guarantees your safety.”

    The General then opened the gate and Erynias swooped in and carried them through, as you passed through the portal, you saw a magnificent, yet twisted mockery of a mortal palaces so huge that it is hard to invasion it all. A constant supply of soldiers streamed out of the infernal layers to other parts of Hell, like ants the just marched on. As you flew over the city, carried by the Erynias, you saw within the burning roofless building stockades of Dis, the mortal dead, wrathful and vengeful, trained and transformed through combat into devils armies of Dispater.

    You first flew over the city’s Ghetto of Outcasts, where the arrogant and privileged evil want endlessly in the shadow of all infinity’s wonders. At this frontier rose the outermost walls of Dis, moaning barriers soaring to the heights of small mountains and in places nearly half a mile thick, their bulk formed by massive blocks and the gray flesh of violently reshaped yet still living souls. These grotesque walls underwent endless expansions, with legions of devils adding new bodies to the ramparts daily and magically coercing the barriers to expand outward, providing ever more room to the swelling city within.

    General Azeret let you know that now we are flying over the Oppidan Maze. Queen Eiseth’s palace is in the august region. Here they witnessed a city rise, the city’s impossible towers of iron, marble, and quivering soul flesh, many constructed to dimensions ludicrous even to the nightmares of the most daring mortal architect. While they observed from above the Maze perfectly ordered and split by the great avenues that fanned out unbendingly from its Iron Heart, few mortals can comprehend its elaborate order, thus they felt the gravity of its fallacious name. Monuments, palaces, theaters, and plazas defied all physical boundaries, some hovering high above the city, others interconnected by bridges reaching miles and bearing vast structures of their own.

    General Azaret related proudly, “The architectures of all the planes and countless mortal worlds meld here, creating structures both fantastic and profane.” She pointed out two systems of canals winding through the Maze: the Andramal, alive with fire and plied only by the diabolical elite; and the Lethe, which guided the deadly waters of the Styx through the city. Upon these canals and through the city’s grand avenues and shadowed alleys tread all the countless races of the multiverse.

    You see diabolic native Erinyes outnumber all other visitors, the fiends walk boldly among legions of planar traders, undead porters, brazen mortals, and the servants of lesser deities who make their divine homes within the city. The scene is both grand and oppressive at the same time.

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    They landed on a roof platform, and descended to a grand chamber. General Azeret says “We have arrived at Widow’a Cry.” You may think it ironic that you are now safe in Hell. We are now at "The Market of Breaths", we are located in the uppermost portico of a floating tower crafted entirely of pitch and living tongues. Columned arches spaced around the walls of this circular, domed chamber provide access to a fifteen-foot-wide walkway that encircled the tower. The exquisitely crafted crystals, gold and mirrored domes of The Market of Breaths dropped away hundreds of feet below. The view of the City of Dis may be seen beyond from here. In the middle of the floor was a twenty foot-diameter hole.

    You see mysterious hooded merchants who seem to be selling and trading most peculiar goods such as gems, strands of hair, or strange elixirs, to hags, liches, evil mages, and other desperate buyers. No one will question Erinyes here at the Widow's Cry says General Azeret.

    Two guards come and lead away Marijkal to see my Queen, shop here if you like, I will send for you when the Queen Eiseth is ready.

    They stayed together in the market, devils, evil mages, liches of every description and night hags were selling their wares here. Anything could be bought here, finally they settled on a night hag merchant. They asked her “What the currency of this market was, we hope gold?” She cackled amused at their ignorance, and said “Nothing so crude travelers, just the years of Mortal life is the one most precious commodity traded here my friends.” Veshurae the only immortal being in the market was considering purchasing a true wonder, an Airship, but great age would bring an eternal suffering of aching bones and joints, and she could not make up her mind if the Airship was worth twenty years of her life.

    Then they were saved by General Azaret’s arrival, Queen Eiseth was ready to see them. They were able to fly down the twenty foot hole in the middle of the tower, to a layer below where the Queen of the Nights, Eiseth resided. Tall, wide windows along the curving walls of this large chamber provide a panoramic view of the nearby area of the City of Dis and the domes below the battle market. Luxurious carpets line the floor, and several desks set in the northern portion of the room buried under maps, papers and parchment. A small sitting area with luxurious chairs, divans and pillows filled the western half of the room, while silken curtains screen the southern quadrant from the fires of hell.

    They realized that this room is the personal living quarters of the fallen angel Whore Queen of Hell, Eiseth, an intimidating figure of feminine grace, beauty and cruelty. The tower's walls are transparent on this level, appearing as windows that provide one-way viewing outside. They were informed that the transparent walls were made of brass walls reinforced by tongues of sinners and tongues of course. The curtained area to the south is a sleeping area containing a large bed.

    Eiseth explained that “This humble chamber, I rest in, used to perform all kinds sex with Lorthact my consort, that I desired and loved, I would do anything for him, nothing, I mean nothing was forbidden him. Then he betrayed me, he wanted my throne to rule here. He did not realize that the only thing is, that I would not stand for is chauvinism. She glorified in her sexual freedom, any act that one performs on me by female, male, sentient or animal being will be reciprocated, that is my only law. She points to the painting.

    They did not pass the test. A tapestry of a multitude of male chauvinists is depicted in a rich gorgeous color on the wall. The males are being whipped and prodded by the devoted Eiseth's Erinyes in eternal damnation. If you bring back Lorthact here, that is where he will spend his eternity. General Azeret, how dare he wish to rule!

    We have to learn of those that may know his location from Marijkal. Majesty say Azeret I believe Marijkal is on the level, he wishes to serve, he does not wish to serve Lorthact, any more. In Infernal says Eiseth, your mission is to find the collaborators that Marijkal spoke of, and see if they will help or reveal to us where Lorthact and Runelord Sorshen are, because Marijkal does not know. She final says “Kill Lorthact, and you will be rewarded your heart’s desire, but first we have to know for sure if the Hand-maiden Marijkal is truly with us.”

    Eiseth says “Do you know where are Lorthact and Sorshen? Have you heard of Zirnakaynin?, I don't know where Lorthact and Sorshen are now, but I do know of those that know.”

    They ask her “What is Zirnakaynin?” Eiseth replies that “Zirnakaynin is a drow city deep in Sakhemina on Golarion, I know that Lorthact and Sorshen have approached a Matron Mother of one of the ruling families there. I simply don't have the intelligence about whom they contacted, but their primary goal is clear. I suspect Sorshen has brought back an ancient aboleth rune magic device that is moving Golarion away from its sun. I do know an elf gate that leads to Zirnakaynin, a drow city.

    They asked “How do you know the elf gate connects to a drow city? She answered “I know that Lorthact and Sorshen traveled there recently, through Marijkal’s confession. This particular portal has once linked many locations on Golarion, together, but the drow have realigned the portal and it now Leeds to Zirnakaynin in the Darklands to be precise, I verified this with divination magic and commune spells. To make things worse the gate is located in a haunted druid grove. The drow make frequent incursions there and the elves of in the nearby Forest fight them off.”

    They said “We can’t just wonder into Zirnakaynin, the drow will not talk react well to outsiders.” Worry not my brave adventurers recent drow deaths in your city of Korvosa will give us a way into the drow city. Most of your equipment should be okay to take with you. You might want to think about cashing in coins for gems, since gems don't have minter's marks on them. And if you've got anything that's obviously sacred or holy, you should keep it hidden. At the very least, be ready with a story about it being a trophy or something. As for animal companions… again, you've been stationed in the world above for some time. If you don't want to leave your animals here, or don't want to secure a more regional Darklands minion, I suggest you prepare a story about how you find the exotic creature amusing or something like that."

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    “Who's able to disguise?” they asked her. "A Mordant Spire wizard of some repute, and unfortunately, some infamy, a dead necromancer named Giseil Voslil. He is a guest here in Dis and he can't refuse mistress Eiseth."

    How do we get there and get back? "Another concern, certainly, that is true. You will have to use your eyes and ears in Zirnakaynin, brute force will do you no good there. But make no mistake-you may need to improvise a method to escape should things turn sour, I am sure you have the means." If memory serves correctly Zirnakaynin is protected by a dimensional lock of colossal proportions.

    They ask “Can't we call on help from the Dis?” "Alas… things move slowly in the burocracy in Hell. All we may provide is a diversion. I will send a group of Erinyes disguised as elves to come through the portal right behind you, that will make your retreat through the gate more convincing. There is no time for long deliberations-we need to act now, if my prisoner’s information is true. We've secured the aid of Giseil Voslil, and that, for now, is all we can expect." Your mission is simple, become drow, and learn where they are now and stop Lorthact and Sorshen. When you face them you will have aid.

    Eiseth says “Enjoy your selves and return after dinner, and please retrieve Marijkal from her stay in my cellar.” Instead of dinner they asked General Azeret if she would accompany them to the Widow’s Cry cellar. They descent the twenty foot well to the cellar prison level, the walls here are smoothly shaped stone, and the low stone ceiling is peppered with a number of small stalactites. A brass door stands in the middle of the western wall next to a fearsome demonic statue carved from a single block of obsidian. A table and two large chairs sit under the ramp in the northern part of the room next to a large keg.

    The door to Marijkal’s cell is ajar, points General Azaret. As Venarius opens the door to her cell, and on the bare stone floor they see Marijkal’s body, with two dead Erinyes lying dead nearby on the floor. Then they noticed a small Imp standing near her body with a tray of food. “I found her this way!” the imp said, as he quickly tried to hide his daggers, but Venarius could not be fooled. Then the tiny assassin disappeared, then Crimson yelled “He went Etherial!” and she went Etherial herself. Veshurae gave her recently found blink ring to Venarius and he saw the tiny Imp Assassin in the room where he was before he disappeared. Then Lelani cast ethereal jaunt and followed her companions.

    The tiny imp assassin attack Venarius, he did grievous damage, abd relayed “Lorthact’s love to the brave Aldrich rogue.” While the imp was being assailed by Crimson, Venarius in melee and Lelani with her destruction spell, Veshurae cast True Seeing and saw the despicable assassin, if only she could get a magic missile spell off before it died. Then the creature unleashed a final assault on the bleeding Venarius and died, under the allies combined attacks.

    They rose up the well to Queen Eiseth’s throne room. There the Infamous Queen of the Nights, Eiseth cast a wish that brought Marijkal’s body back to life and forever hidden from Lorthact’s inqueries to her new servant’s whereabouts. Eiseth was now sure that Marijkal was on the level, and would not betray her, because she owned her body and soul.

    With Marijkal’s assistants Giseil Voslil’s location was soon revealed, and the undead necromancer was brought before the Queen of Hell. Eiseth introduces the heroes to Giseil, appraised him, then, she said “He is an indebted chauvinist pig, but a reliable enough Necromancer for a dead elf.”

    The dead wizard managed to nod in acknowledgment, and several Erinyes bring in several packages into the room. Without explanation, he goes to the packages, as toy, then you look closer, you realize that they are drow bodies chosen for something, a spell?

    Eiseth sighs in exasperation, and then tells the heroes that one of Giseil's areas of mastery concerns the "recycling" of spent flesh, of finding new ways to utilize the bodies of the dead in methods not involving undeath. One such experimental spell Giseil developed is recorporeal incarnation, a spell that disguises living creatures with the flesh of the recently dead. Eiseth doesn't know much more about the spell, indicating that the group should speak to the dead elf if they have further questions.

    Before they speak to the dead necromancer, the cleric Lelani casts speak with dead to speak to the dead drow elven bodies to learn of customs and habits of the fabled drow race, even though normally her powers would be weaker in hell, Lelani realizes that her powers are actually stronger. She decides later to with Seranrae on the rightness of her chosen course. Through her spell the party learns much of the habits and savage customs of the cruel drow of the city of Zirnakaynin, including female dominance, male female relations, slavery, noble houses, mockery of justice, their propensity for deceit, and many more items of interest about this strange and reclusive and evil underground race.

    Then the group speak to Giseil. They ask “What does your recorporeal incarnation spell do?” He answers "Imbricates mortal physicality with a cadaveric corporeity."

    The ask for clarification “What does that mean?” He answers "The spell disguises your mortal form, overlaying it with that of a corpse. Do pay attention."

    They asked then “What happens to our bodies?” He answers "Nothing permanent. Your flesh and features are overborne by those of a cadaver. You are still you, but rather than animating your flesh, your bones, muscles, tissues, and mind now support a different, though recently deceased, form."

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    They ask “How long does the spell last?” He answers "The magic possesses limited permanency. It's tied to a focus item that, if compromised, releases the binding incantations, dispelling the effect. Should the focus persevere, it retains the spell's power for approximately thirteen weeks."

    They ask “Can the drow detect this spell effect?” He answers “Of course, but not by traditional methods. The spell's effects on a subject are momentary and the magic swiftly fades. Instead, the ongoing incarnations linger in the focus item. While these necromantic effects might be detected by any novice, Queen Eiseth informs me that the trinkets she's providing as focus items hold their own magic, which the drow will most likely overlook."

    They ask “Most likely overlook?” The dead elf snickers "Squeamish already? Had Queen Eiseth found none better suited to this task?"

    The press “What methods can detect it?” He sighs, and answers "Although nourished and motivated by your body, your flesh is technically a corpse. Spells distinguishing the walking dead will detect you, though all physical examinations will reveal your mortality. It's a flaw of the arcana that I'm still perfecting."

    They ask exasperated “What happens when the spell ends?” He laughs “The spell ends. The corpse flesh loses pliancy and ages rapidly, shedding from your frame as your natural form re-solidifies. It's a quick and painless transition, though somewhat messy. You'll probably need to bathe once it's done."

    Queen Eiseth says, Lucky for us, these drow were all stragglers slain in Korvosa by unknown troops loyal yo you King Alaxander. None of them were particularly important drow.

    Unfortunately we had no time to communicate with them, a contingent of my Erinyes has already killed them, Giseil here will transform you into the drow, and my Erinyes into the perusing elven soldier contingent. There is no time to waste, we should do this after you rest . By the way the portal to gate is Zirnakaynin is located at a haunted druid grove.

    They decide to go to dinner; a table is set for them in the Widow’s Cry kitchen. A fifteen-foot-diameter hole yawns in the ceiling of this kitchen. A brass oven sits against the northern wall next to a brass sink. Wooden shelves and tables stacked with various foodstuffs and eating utensils line the room's vacant walls. A large fire pit smolders merrily in the middle of the floor, directly under the hole in the ceiling above. Two Devil Lemures are the cooks here. Some of the food still wriggles and some does not, instead of eating they listen to the cooks Uganal and Blothur as they recount their story of woe.

    Currently, Eieseth keeps two enslaved Devil, Lemure of male chauvinists to cook for her and her guards-as she is fond of saying, "Food tastes better when it's prepared with fear and hopelessness." As the Lemures cannot fly, these basement rooms also serve as effective as their internal prisons, until they become feral and forget who they are.

    In life they were two evil brothers that tormented innocent girls in Chelish city of Egorian, because they were superior nobles.

    The Larvae: Uganal had a servant Madra Ahmeno, female human, the daughter of a once wealthy merchant, he is held this in the eastern kitchen. The girl that served him in life was a young and nave, she did not enjoy serving him, and believed that if she did as he wanted, that her chastity may be exchanged for increasing her father's meager land in the nearby village. After Uganal had his way with her, he released her pregnant and barefoot. Madra's father was dispossessed of his land and committed suicide. Madra snuck in to her tormentor's house and chocked him with his extra pillow.

    The Larvae: Biothlur had a servant girl, Qura a female human. She was a shapely thing, with a fiery temper to match her bright red hair her sharp tongue and unwillingness to work had earned her several beatings from Biothlur. One day Biothlur was so angry with her that he raped her in the kitchen in his mansion.
    Qura could not fight the big nobble, so she went to an apothecary, and bought various herbs from the store and created a poison that she slipped into the Biothlur's food. Her plan came to fruition as Biothlur ate his favorite meal he started to choke, as his servant kept spoon feeding the poisoned meal to her helpless master. Then she took off her apron, took his money and left Chelixia a rich woman.

    After interesting macabre tales, they retired to their chambers, ate their own ration and went to sleep [To be Continued…].

    Drow Disguises
    The PCs utilize a recorporeal incarnation spell to achieve their drow disguises for this adventure. Summarized below are all of the abilities gained by the PCs from this spell—these effects persist until the spell effect ends near the climax of this adventure.
    • Medium Size: If the character was Small size, recalculate AC, attack rolls, and other sizebased modifiers as appropriate. Base land speed becomes 30 feet.
    • Darkvision: The character gains darkvision out to 120 feet.
    • Immunity: The character gains immunity to sleep effects, SAVE +2 enchantment racial.
    • Weapon Proficiency: The character becomes proficient with the hand crossbow, the rapier, and the
    short sword.
    • Light Blindness: Abrupt exposure to bright light (such as sunlight or a daylight spell) blinds the character for 1 round. On subsequent rounds, they are dazzled as long as they remain in the affected area.
    • Spell Resistance: The character gains spell resistance equal to 11 + class levels

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