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    Troubles with tile resize after rotation.

    @Moon Wizard,

    Issue is still present after latest build.

    Step 1. I have fog of war enable and 2 token on the map, so I click on 1 token to clear the fog of war.
    Step 2. Change from Play mode to Layer mode.
    Step 3. Choose an image from my campaign image folder, in this case a png format image.
    Step 4. Drag image onto tile tool.
    Step 5. Left click on back ground image.
    Step 6. Change image size with sizing handles, this works. Though centering mark is off center, sometimes off the screen.
    Step 7. Rotate image using rotate image handle.
    Step 8. Try changing image size using image sizing handles, handle moves but image does not resize.

    I have recreated this problem by making new PF1, PF2, and DnD5e campaigns, selecting a random FG background image and then using a random FG tile.

    See attached campaign below.

    If you need anymore information let me know.
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    Thanks, I was able to reproduce in my test campaign; and I've filed new tasks for Carl to investigate.


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    The last patch has fixed this issue.

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