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    How to create custom effects?

    So I have a player that uses stances. One in particular that gives a -2 to AC, but a +1d6 to all melee attacks. This has no duration limit, it's just on or off at will essentially.

    I am wanting to know how to create the custom effect for this. Or if there is a better way to do this that will allow the player to toggle it on/off without having to have duplicates of all their attacks on their sheet I am open to that as well. Whichever ends up being the swiftest option from the players' side of things.

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    Use an effect: AC: -2; ATK: 1d6, melee

    Get the player to add it as a "spell" in their actions tab (if they haven’t already they can add a "spell class" and call it something like Abilities). Then add an action to the spell using the right-click menu Add action -> Effect. And enter the above effect text with target of "Self". Then they can click the effect button to add it to them when needed, and they can remove the effect in the combat tracker by clicking the Effect (person outline) button to see the delete button after the effects they’ve applied.
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    As many have pointed out before me.... there is a wiki and it can be helpful.


    That url is specifically the effect info for 3.5 and pathfinder. its how I learned to use all the effects. you can put them under effects in a spell or as a gm effects from the "generic" effects area. I also believe there is an effect module that fills this generic area.

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    This is for 3.5. I'm looking for 5e.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeidsfieldK View Post
    This is for 3.5. I'm looking for 5e.
    you posted in 3.5 forum FYI.

    These do a nice job helping to figure out effects

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