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    One Player, LF Pathfinder 1 games

    Hullo! My name's Rich and i'm a Pathfinder addict. (1E to be specific, 2's not managed to catch my interest just yet, needs more options)

    European (GMT+1) Pathfinder player looking for games. Preferably on european times, but I have a rather fluid schedule so I can play US hours as well.

    Open days are Monday-Thursday-Friday-Sunday,

    I've played some Pathfinder on FG. and I think I've gotten a decent grasp of the coding (enough to somewhat have played a monk and an arcanist at least)

    Interested in a good mix of Combat/rp, and not too keen on murderhoboing.

    If you plan to run a game, and have an open spot, or need someone to fill an opening, I'd be more than happy to try,

    Discord is Genpai#9558, and either there or a private message here would be the easiest way to get a hold of me.
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