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    Looking for Wednesday Game

    My lady and I are both looking for a Dungeons and Dragons game we could join on Wednesday evenings starting around 7:00PMish.

    She is a player of 1 year, and I have been playing since Basic.

    We would prefer 5e for her however, I think I can convince her to play in a
    2nd Edition
    3.5 or
    5th as stated.

    Our previous experience didn't turn out well and we are hoping for something fun.

    Thank you in advance for your feedback.


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    Did you find a group? I'm also looking for a mid-week game online to play. I am a new (< 1yr) DM at my table on Sundays, but I don't have any experience DM'ing with online tools. How would you, OP, feel about being a dungeon master for the group you seek?
    I'm not opposed to learning Fantasy Grounds, but I imagine you'd want to play with a more experienced DM. What campaigns/settings are you wanting to play?

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    I did not yet. I already run two games on Fridays/Sundays and was looking for something where I could play as a character. The settings I like are
    Medi-evil Fantasy
    Sci Fi (underl Alien RPG)

    The worlds I like are:
    Forgotten Realms
    Dark Sun

    Alien RPG world.

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