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    What's a good place to get a forum avatar?

    Hi everyone,

    Something I have always wondered is where everyone gets their forum avatars? And what are the rules for them. I often see people with avatars obviously ripped from copyrighted sources that they like. Are there any rules about that? Is it one of those things that just gets ignored or can you get into trouble for using a famous cartoon character or token from a game or image of a famous actor?


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    Only specific images can be copyrighted, not the contents of the image (depending on whether you want to fight a big corp in court). Mine was comissioned from a artist on Deviant Art AGES ago and I've been carrying it with me from forum to forum ever since.
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    If I can't create something myself, I sometimes get stuff done on Fiverr. That's where I got my current one. Prices are reasonable, lots of candidates. You can get all rights for the work if you want. Do expect to pay a bit more than an actual fiver.

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    I created my own. But it's linked to a project I'm working on. You can use a lot of WotC images based upon their Fan Content Policy. And you can find other CC0 or open license images elsewhere. In general I don't see IP holders worried about avatar images, here or elsewhere.

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