Hope everyone is doing well. Recently started looking into Fantasy Grounds and will be running a game in a few weeks for the first time. Going to be running Deus Vult/Legend and was using CoreRPG to get a bunch of the mechanics in there as best I can. Most of it will be fine, but the one rough spot I was hoping to smooth out was the CoreRPG character sheet.

I purchased the BRP module, which gets a lot closer, but I was hoping to somehow modify that character sheet where needed and then import it into my CoreRPG module. Here's the painfully noob stuff... I know what icons to click in order to import an XML character sheet, but when I unpack the BRP ruleset, there are multiple XML files that seem to make up the character sheet.


This is a dumb XML question because I'm a noob with that as well. Where would a good starting point be for the XML in the character sheet or a good workflow for changing the character sheet and seeing how it looked in FG? I saw labeledstring and label and wanted to trial and error what renaming one value to something else did to the character sheet to start figuring out the syntax. Appreciate it, thanks.