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    LFG D&D 5e available any day


    LFG I am 1 player, I am in MDT (GMT-6) However; I am available any day for play after 12pm Noon Local time ( GMT 1800 ) - Midnight 12am Local time (GMT 0600).

    I have a Standard Unity License.

    I am looking for Campaign, One-Shot, or even Pick-Up games, Long term preferred.

    I have Comms availability (teamspeak, mumble, discord) , although no Cam at the moment. ( Voice, Yes/ VID, No )

    I have been playing tabletop for 30+ yrs, first time online. I am looking to stay with D&D 5e for the moment until I get more used to Fantasy Grounds.

    As far as games; I enjoy roleplay and cerebral puzzles quite a bit, but all of us need a bit of hack and slash in our lives from time to time also. My preference would ideally be a well rounded long term campaign(s), but also to meet folks that enjoy to improv a hack slash pick up games and frequent One Shots.

    I enjoy to roleplay all classes, but I prefer to stay away from Evil Games.
    I'm in my mid 40s, long time gamer looking to learn this online platform. I enjoy the social aspects of the game more than anything else as my driving force, I am looking for more mature group(s) to spend my time.

    Highly interested in playing several games that start at lvl 1

    thanks for reading
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    Hi, Pretty much the same story. I have only the free version. Mid 50s. I can play Tuesdays 11 am PDT til 7 Pm. Prefer long term campaign. Voice ...No Vid yet. I haven't played since 1st ed came out. let me know if you find anything.

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