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    Turn Undead Question

    Just a quick question on the Turn Undead spell. I have the effect set up as so:

    Annotation 2020-06-02 203911.png

    (Ignore the last line; that's an extension)

    The PC targets a bunch of zombies, hits cast and they all roll their saving throws. Some succeed, some fail. All is good. But the ones that succeeded are still targeted, so the GM must manually deselect them in order to apply the Turned effect.

    I just want to make sure this is correct behaviour. I am assuming it is, because FGC has to take into account 'half-damage on successful save' spells like fireball.

    Can anyone confirm?

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    Yes, no damage will be applied unless a creature is targeted. So, they have to remain targeted for half damage saves.


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    Make sure that you have the option 'Remove target on Miss' set to 'Multi'.

    As you can see from my graphic Bob targeted all 5 skeletons and three failed and two saved. Those that succeeded were removed as targets and Bob then was able to apply the turned effect to those that failed their save. No need for manual intervention.
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