In an effort to make it easier for us to help diagnose and troubleshoot future issues with the Fantasy Grounds Unity Updater, we're adding a number of tools to the Updater's settings menu.
This is a brief overview of each Troubleshooting tool and how it works.
These changes will be available in an incoming update to the Updater.

Please Note: Some of these tools are best used under advice of our Support Staff, so if there' a question, best to ask.


Gather Logs
This one will be useful for nearly any support request. This tool will automatically gather all relevant and existing logs associated with Fantasy Grounds and the Updater, and will zip them up in a location of your choosing for easier support.
Please Note: Some of the logs contain sensitive information including your license key, so please do not post your log archive to any public thread.

Force App Update
This tool will remove data files associated with the Fantasy Grounds Updater and Fantasy Grounds Unity, forcing them to update to the latest version of the software.
This is particularly useful if there is a problem updating to the latest version of the software, in particular the Updater. A good option to try if you're having trouble getting the latest software updates.

Clear Settings
This tool removes user and application settings from your system and then prompts the Setup process within the updater.
Your data path will automatically be detected as the current working directory, since this is a step normally established in the updater.
This tool is useful for effectively creating a clean install, so may be worth a try if your issue has not been resolved with other steps.

Show Setup
This tool shows the Setup screen without deleting your settings first.
This is functionally similar to Clear Settings, though recommended in cases where you want to add Desktop or Start Menu shortcuts, but are otherwise functionally working

Clear Vault
This tool triggers a confirmation popup and then (if confirmed), will remove data files associated with all modules downloaded on your system.
This will force every product to update like new on your next Update.
Please only use this particular tool if recommended by staff, as this should very rarely be needed.
Note: Modules will be unusable in Fantasy Grounds Unity until a full update has been performed.

Any future troubleshooting tools will be added to this list as needed.