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    Guess i will have to modify it so much that i might actually break the extension.
    Anyway, thank you very much for the advice!

    And keep up with the good work, i absolutely love your extensions!

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    Hey Damned, This is a great extension I just started using recently. I have been using it with SirMotte's themes, and because of the changes he made to text, when the content was shared to the chat window it was illegible. I just hacked together a dark frame version of your theme for my own use, and thought I'd share it back to you here. Feel free to adopt, modify, redistribute, etc for the users of your theme.

    Thanks for your hard work on the theme, I really like it!.
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    Will definitely add support as soon as I get to Update the Theme again at some point in April!
    Also: Very neat extension! Thanks damned.
    Check out my suite of dark themes for FG! Sir Motte's Magnificent Darkness!

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    Can't wait to share this with my players! Thanks!
    @lavoiejh respect for the hack

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    There is a minor issue regarding this extension and the Player Agency Extension. When loaded together on the FGU 5e ruleset, world builder entries overlap with the share toggle circle. This won't affect my use of either extension. Attachment 44030

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    Can you repost your image?

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    Thanks for this great extension. This shortcuts some discussion: what does that spell say exactly?

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