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    DM LFP for Homebrew Monster Hunt/Survival game

    As you enter the village of Albior, little more than a cluster of wood-and-thatch buildings on stilts among the jungle, you notice a scroll nailed to The Boards outside the chief's hut. It reads:

    "Heroes Wanted: Adventurers, Hunters and Survivalists inquire within.

    Able-bodied persons wanted to hunt/track jungle monsters.
    Bounties to be paid upon delivery."

    Hey everybody, I am looking for a group of 4-6 players to fill out a party for a homebrew campaign world I have been developing. I would particularly encourage players interested in an RP-heavy game with few NPCs (making things very hero/character driven). A few notes about the campaign:

    - standard, canon D&D 5e except where noted below
    - low population game world. While ruins of major cities may exist to be found, most people are still living tribally
    - the game is set in a tropical jungle environment where roads are just a dream and the environment itself is often a threat
    - will be playtesting

    And regarding the kind of game I'd like to get going:

    - an open-world, sandbox environment (provided by me) with character-driven, episodic plot-lines (provided by you)
    - a game with short adventures designed to run in only a couple of sessions, to allow for RL or absent players without dislodging the above plots
    - a game with a session 0 so we can have some discussion about what we want to play, not about what I have decided to write.

    And finally, about me. I've been playing D&D in one form or another for ~30 years and have been the forever DM for most of them; I like it though. I usually prefer to play between 02:00 to 06:00 GMT (I am GMT -4) weeknights not Thursday; I would like to shoot for Tuesday night and play once a week, but could be open to changes if the group wants to talk about it. I have a Fantasy Grounds Classic Ultimate license, so please feel free to join

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    sent PM, very interested in this game. Thank you.
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    I am interested in playing, depending on which day of the week. Will send private.

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    Sounds great, and definitely interested as well. Will send a PM.

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    Pretty interested, I've sent/will send a pm

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