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    Session 72 in Zirnakaynin

    Session 72 saw our party travel to Zirnakaynin , and were addopted by House Vunnarc. They under cover!

    Session 72.jpg

    On one particular day they are summoned to the chapel. They witnessed a drow sacrifice. A servant Zyn Keteeruae, was not much of service, so the Second Daughter Faidaeva Vonnarc planned to sacrifice him to Areshkagal the patron demon of House Vunnarc. She intoned the following prayer to the house deity:

    “O Siltrin Carver, vel'uss lodtynus l'tresk'ri,
    Vel'uss morfel udossa dal l'olathurl khaul,
    Tyln ol wun natha phish cress d'xey'los lu'flen'los
    Udos satiir elakar tahcaluss
    O Areshkagal, humbly yallt udos zirn tau
    Udos zirn dos nindol siltrin, nindol quivering vlees
    xuil natha velve saph dosst nuwei
    Udos divide uih dal illing
    Cal d'nindol, l'gotar udos consecrate ulu tau
    Lu'xun naut nindol tangi mylthar udossa”

    Interpreted into common:
    “O Flesh Carver who wove the world
    Who made us from the darkest night,
    Spinning it in a red web of veins and arteries,
    We feel thy hunger,
    O Areshkagal, humbly today we feed thee,
    We feed thou this flesh, this quivering organ,
    Your jaws are like daggers,
    We divide muscle from bone,
    Eat of this, the meal we consecrate to thee,
    And accomplish not this day devour us”

    Then the drow was killed by a dagger slicing his chest, and the Second Daughter pulled out his still beating heart and fed it to the god’s alter. They realized that they were both honored and admonished with this ceremony. More days of drudgery, until five days hence they were promoted to Attendant, Clerk, or Warrior Servitors. Then twenty days later after more exacting work of sometimes reprehensible, lithesome or despicable nature they were promoted t the rank of Noble Servitor.


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    That's a whole lot of effects!
    I bash.

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