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    Feels incomplete

    I have never used fantasy grounds classic but i just recently purchased Fantasy Grounds Unity Ultimate License and all the available Starfinder books...

    And I have to say it feels incomplete like whoever programed it didn't even bother to finish up with making the classes. I can't even choose whether my solarian has solar armor or a solar weapon, pretty basic stuff for the game. Unless that is that I am just missing the place where I can do that which is a problem if things like this are hard to find. Does anyone else feel that the starfinder rules set hasn't been given the love that it deserves.

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    First, Welcome!

    It has been given a ton of Love, It just needs more. I saw a post about the manifestation issue, so the Dev knows.

    Some of the choices for a class have a second tab (other) with the list of choices. Stellar revelation is one example with Black hole and Supernova.

    There are some quirks. It does need some more love. I wish I could code as I would do it myself (I can not however).
    If you find any problems with the DLC content please post them in

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    Everything is there, but it may take a tad bit of searching and there is a lot that is very manual. For class abilities, when you drag and drop a class onto a character sheet, on the abilities and feats tab under Abilities there is a list item for that ability category. Click the golem/book icon (depending on theme) to pop up a window with 2 tabs - one is a description of the category and the other tab has the class ability list to select. Then just drag and drop what ability you chose from that list onto your Ability list on the character sheet. A lot of those abilities are situational and either must be just handled manually on the fly (like with Pencil & Paper rpging) or one can get fancy pants by applying and removing custom effects when the situation arises.

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