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    Anyone interested in including a long-time Superhero fan and M&M fan into a game?

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    Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllll lookin'!

    I have not given up hope.

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    GOT ONE! starting soon... but for more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeviousHeart View Post
    GOT ONE! starting soon... but for more!
    Do you mean there are openings for players? I would be interested in playing. I have herolab and the M&M 3E module.

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    Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill LOOKIN'!!!

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    Hey Guys, we are looking a GM to play a simple campaign and some explanation of the system in FGU. I bought the hero handbook but I don't understand anything (like where to use the attack actions, how to create them, and it's a little bit frustrating). Is there someone out there that could lend us a hand and help us understand this ruleset/book? I read the wiki of the ruleset but there's not much info there. We come from playing D&D 5e and ths ruleset is not as easy as D&D.

    We are in Italy (GMT+1) and can play/test on friday's. Let me know if someone is up for a game or for at least give us a hand explaning the combat system in FGU with this ruleset. Thanks

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    I'm thinking about running a 3e M&M game sometime in the future, but it would be in the Central timezone in the USA (UTC -6).
    Proud Ultimate License Holder as well as all WotC 5e FG content (in addition to other 5e products)
    Also have bought a lot of other RPG products as well, incl. Savage Worlds, Mutants & Masterminds, and Pathfinder 2e
    Central Time Zone (living in the USA, although born on the eastern shores of Canada)
    Have Played All D&D Editions except for 3/3.5 (am familiar with those rules, tho)

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    I'm in. Just give me the deets. Are you on Discord?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyghtmare View Post
    I'm thinking about running a 3e M&M game sometime in the future, but it would be in the Central timezone in the USA (UTC -6).
    Depending on day/time I want in too. I want to play a few sessions to get a grasp on how things are done in this ruleset. I'm in Pacific time and weekdays are my best availability right now.

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    I need something on a Friday or Saturday, if possible.

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