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    LFP - Need a player to join an established campaign

    I've been running Hoard of the Dragon Queen for a group on Wednesday nights 8-11pm est. We need one more player to join us. The campaign is almost over but we will be going right into Rise of Tiamat.

    All of us are over 40 and fairly... well... somewhat mature..ish.

    If you are interested hit me up with your discord ID and I'll talk to you there.


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    I'm interested Discord ID Roy (-5)#1156

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    Im interested xzerocxxx87#8641

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    Hi, Corporalski.

    I'm 45 and looking for some 5e group.
    If this spot's already been taken, let me know of yout future campaigns.
    I don't have much experience with FG as of yet, but I'm a fast learner.

    Thanks, bro.
    The Rhapsode.

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