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    LFG To play weekly games with.

    I am new to D&D i've only played twice but I am really wanting to get into it. I am willing to play multiple games a week. My schedule is flexible. I live in
    GMT-5. Only down side is I am new to game and some concepts are unknown to me.

    If you want to contact me Discord is Emissara#5712


    FG License: Using Free version of the game.

    Time Zone: Central Time USA GMT-5

    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: I can play at anytime and any day of the week. just need a scheduled time to fit it into daily schedule.

    Term: I would prefer Long term, but will play till the end of campaign or character death.

    Voice: I can Use voice to communicate I normally use Discord but will use the GM's preferred method of Voice Communication.

    Game System Preferred: 5e

    Game System Experience: Played a game of 5e in Bootcamp. I know just a little about it.

    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Newborn, hoping to make this a regular Hobby of mine.

    Character Type Preferred: I would like to play a rogue seeing as I have almost complete Character sheet for one but I am willing to play Ranger, fighter, and Cleric.

    About me: I have been Role playing for years started with Star Wars ended up getting really into it and eventually developing an interest in D&D. Now I am finally hoping i can get a good proper game in here on Fantasy Grounds. As For daily life only obligations i have is watching Nieces and Nephews. with Covid-19 Floating around can't risk getting my niece and brother infected they're High risk. This has left me with more time on my hands than I've ever had. Using that time I managed to end up here.
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