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    LFG 1 Player LF longterm 5e (UCT -5) U.S EST Time Zone

    Time zone: U.S EST (UCT -5)

    Number of Players: 1

    Time of Day Available: 6pm to 11pm

    Fantasy Grounds License: ultimate upgrade.

    Term of game play: Long term wanted.

    Voice/Visual: voice. Visual is okay but I don't have a cam, and won't be getting one any time soon.

    Game System Preferred: 5e

    Game System Experience: D&D 3.5, cyberpunk 2020, Deathwatch, only war, 7th Sea, and many others.

    Fantasy Grounds Experience: one game of 5e

    Character Type Preferred: Any.

    About Yourself: Can play any day but Wednesday.
    I like chatting and having a good time. I'm easy going. I like voice roleplaying. Don't like Metagaming, but I am not going to flip out about it.
    Haven't played D&D in a while. I like Dwarfs and Lizardfolk, but I am okay with playing anything.
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