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    SWADE Combat Tracker and Card Visibility

    Hi all. When a new round starts, each player gets dealt a card in the combat tracker, and everyone gets reordered based on this new initiative. This works fine.

    However, currently it seems the PC can only see their own action card. Has this always been true? Is this true in Classic and Unity? Is there a setting to make all players see all cards when they are dealt each round?

    Edit to add: It seems when we started the combat, every actor was on hold by default? And we don't see a way to bring everyone off hold at once? But after APPLYING on hold, and then REMOVING on hold, the card becomes visible. Is this normal?

    Second edit to add: This was on the client/player side. The GM saw new cards for everyone, and no hold icons, when going to a new round each time.
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    I have reported this bug here before: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...-Savage-Worlds

    Unfortunately it doesn't get solved.

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    Is this for FG Unity or Classic? I can't reproduce in Classic on my end...

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    I've got this problems with FGU SWADE as well as SWD.

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    I think this specific to FGU. Perhaps this should be moved to FGU group.

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    I can confirm my group had this issue with FGU.

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