Hey all!

Ok i am LFG as a player. I am looking for Pathfinder 1E. I am an experienced player and am looking to kick it up a notch. Personally i want to see how to see how ridiculous the game can get. I love playing with numbers (when allowed) and seeing what happens.
I am looking for gestalt+mythic. I know it seems stupid but i want to see if i can keep up with all the things needed. I will let the GM choose between 3 combos that i have been dying to play. I am rather accommodating to GMs so I am rather chill i just crave the absurdity of huge numbers and a god like character in all facets of the word.

ps. might ask for some 3rd party/homebrew finagling

1) Juju oracle/Dread necromancer- comes from a native tribe that venerates undead and wishes to seek the power to fight off a power demon that haunts his lands with the power of undeath and the backs of the heathens that fight for the demon.

2) Swashbuckler (Iajutsu Adept)/Unchained Monk (Scaled fist)- A human with a weakened immune system (low Con) defends the weak with his reflexes and good demenor. raised by an ancient imperial dragon who died as the man reached adulthood. Follows a code of conduct and guide to heroism from the dragon, will only go to the dragon's hoard (which is hidden) when he thinks he is a true hero.

3) Artificer/ Soul forger magus- a man that craves to please gods and to show off his designs to the world. wants to bring artisry to the craft of weaponsmithing and armor crafting. Will go anywhere to find unique and dangerous materials to try and forge works of art.