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    I can confirm using the Manage Characters section to create PCs is causing abilities NOT to show up. There must be a script that runs while in a campaign that does not run in Manage Character mode.
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    Oh, you know what I just realized, you are using the "Manage Characters" local builder. Yeah, that's been broken for awhile for Starfinder. Just create a new campaign and build it there and export it if you need to send to your GM
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    I just verified that the overall issue is with the Character Manager and not the full Campaign mode, which is odd since this is the only place that I've seen this issue pop up in.

    That does bring up another question I've been pondering, however... Is there a reason that the Class Features aren't listed in the Features or Special Features databases? This would seem to be a good place to put the special choices that players need to make for certain things (such as the Primary Fighting Style for the soldier), and yet I don't currently see anything listed in those sections (not that I'm really expecting to see much there without additional purchases).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ex Exerciser View Post
    Tried the delete of the 2 files, reopened FG then updated to get the starfinder rules back. Unfortunately it didn't help when I was managing characters. Class skills are added but class features are not. I suppose I'll have to create characters in GM mode and export them.
    There is a issue with client side with Classes, I'm am trying to get it fixed. But if the GM shares the Class the features and Alt features will display for the Class.
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