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    LFP 1-2 players for Death in Chult Campaign every other Tuesday (18:30 GMT)

    Game now full.

    GM looking for reliable players to join a mature campaign at 5th level. Looking to replace or supplement 1-2 players who are frequent 'do not attends'. Thanks for your interest!

    Game System: 5E
    Day of Week: Tuesday
    Time of Day: 18:30
    Timezone: BST (British Summer Time)
    Frequency: Every 2 weeks
    GM/Player License: GM has FGC Ultimate
    Voice/Text: Voice in English via Discord
    Mix of RP/Combat/Strategy: 25/50/25
    Permitted Source Books: PHB (some house rules)
    Permitted/Restricted Player Options: Aiming for old school D&D feel. Basic classes and races only.
    Setting/Adventure Info: Campaign is called Death in Chult (based around Tomb of Annihilation) and has been running for 2+ years.
    Duration of sessions: 3-3.5 hours.
    Please contact me via DM/PM. Also posted on FG's Discord channel.
    Last edited by kerrigaj; May 28th, 2020 at 20:34. Reason: Clarified BST not GMT.

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