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    5E - Better Sneak Attack

    This is now available on DMs Guild Here Both this and ONTURN effects are bundled as well.

    This extension allows you to add an effect to the rogue that you can leave always that's "Sneak Attack"

    When you hit it will automatically apply the sneak attack damage effect to you. If used in conjunction with my other mod 5E Turn Based Effects you can add an effect "Sneak Attack; ONTURN;" and leave it always on the rogue to never worry about that kind of thing again.

    If you have advantage on the attack it will apply the sneak attack damage modifier, if the thing you're targeting is on a map and there's a unit there that is not of the same type as it (friendly/faction/neutral/foe) it will apply the sneak attack damage modifier.

    This is under “License: GNU GPLv3”
    This means you can commercialize it or do anything else with it, as long as they give you credit for the parts of your work they use and they too release it under the same license.

    Let me know if there's any feedback.

    Version 1.1:
    - Fixed issue with it not working properly with the ONTURN extension where it would disable the effect even if it didn't activate the damage effect.
    - Fixed issue with classic version where distances are calculated differently.
    Version 1.2:
    - Added compatibility with the 5E Enhancer Extension (current version v0.8.0) if this breaks again with future releases of that extension let me know.
    Version 1.3:
    - Fixed a few bugs that could happen on crit/fumble if using the tables in your rules.
    Version 1.4:
    - Added in that the damage effect added will take the Sneak Attack's visibility (GM only or not) so it can be hidden from players.
    Version 1.5:
    - Changed some handling so that it should play nicely with other extensions regardless of their updates.
    Version 1.6:
    - Fixed bug that was allowing disadvantage to still gain sneak attack damage.
    Version 1.7:
    - Changed the sneak damage to expire on singles instead of on action (incase you roll the attack twice or something)
    - Added in support for Rakish Audacity. It will check your character sheet's features list to see if there's one called rakish audacity, so no additional setup for the effect is required.
    Version 1.8:
    - Changed the sneak damage expiration from singles to action. This should handle expiring the sneak damage correctly now.
    Version 1.9:
    - Changed to using the OOB message so that it will work even if the player doesn't own the node.
    Version 1.10:
    - Properly use the OOB messages.
    Version 1.11:
    - Redid the distance calculations for units to make it more robust. Fixes some issues where it wasn't properly calculating.
    Version 1.12:
    - Cleaned up the code and fixed it so the distance calculations are used correctly between both allies nearby as well as rakish audacity checks.
    Version 1.13:
    - Added a vehicle type as a creature type and exclude it from granting sneak attack bonuses.
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    So the player has to remove the effect if the attack is not a sneak?
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    If the attack is not a sneak it shouldn't apply the actual damage effect. It will check to make sure the conditions qualify to grant the additional damage. If it did apply the damage effect when it shouldn't please let me know and yes you would have to remove the damage effect then.

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    I'll definitely try it out!
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    Should this work? Am I testing this wrong?


    It's broken because of "5E enhancer" in FGU
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    Yes that should work 4wire, but other extensions could break it, if you like I can look at making it work with the 5E enhancer, send me the link to where that extension is and I'll try and post an update. although I've noticed FGU seems to ignore extension's load order, so I can't promise anything. I'll definitely take a look and try to make it work. I'm on a mac so FGU is my primary focus for my extensions, and I'd like for things to play nicely so I'll try and make it happen.

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    5E DM, Player, FG conversions, learning LUA, engineer, geek, Ultimate License, Unity Supporter.

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    Updated the extension, it should work the the 5E Enhancer extension now, although if this breaks for his future updates do let me know and I'll have to adjust again. Hopefully that helps for you 4wire.

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    Yup, that works! After doing some tests, I'm wondering: Should the dynamic effect not be hidden? Right now it sorts of give away the fact that the attack is a hit even if the roll result (miss/hit) is hidden.

    What do you think? I think I would lean on making it hidden to the players.
    5E DM, Player, FG conversions, learning LUA, engineer, geek, Ultimate License, Unity Supporter.

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    Updated so the damage effect will inherit the Sneak Attack effect's GM only visibility if turned on so that it can be hidden.

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